The Flexibility to Transfer Large Media Files Easily

As media houses, film studios and broadcasting companies embrace HD video as the new standard, the average size of media assets across all organizations has skyrocketed. Sizes will only continue to increase as 4K, 8K and VR media becomes more common.

With this shift to larger files, Media & Broadcast organizations have increasingly moved towards IP-based workflows to take advantage of non-linear and random access to files for post-production as well as shed the need to ship content in a physical form. But, bottlenecks still remain for those shifting to IP-based workflows, and one of the largest challenges is simply overcoming the very protocol which IP-based workflows are based on – FTP/TCP.

The FTP/TCP protocol simply hasn’t kept up to these changes, leaving it unable to move this hi-resolution media efficiently, resulting in failed or never-ending file transfers. Media houses and broadcast companies rely on FileCatalyst to provide them with blazing fast file transfer speeds, reliability and security for every file transfer in their workflow. Regardless of location or distance, FileCatalyst can successfully complete transfers that once took hours – in minutes!

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How FileCatalyst Fits Into Media & Broadcast

Send your media content and digital assets globally at blazing speeds with FileCatalyst Direct

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Manage all of your production, post-production and editing locations with FileCatalyst Workflow

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Monitor your entire FileCatalyst deployment from one centralize location.

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

Globally deliver full resolution media at up to 10Gbps, greatly reducing overall production cycles and workflows.

Optimized bandwidth usage, even in poor network conditions. Lets you adjust each transfer by importance without disrupting the network.
Eliminate the need to ship content physically and save on shipping costs, border crossings, and other costs associated with physical media.
Progressive Transfer options allow media files to start transferring as they are being encoded.
Ensure file transfers remain private until they are ready for public release with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL certificates.
FileCatalyst Workflow allows recipients to view a 30-second lo-res preview, ensuring they have the content they need.

The Travel Channel and FileCatalyst

Learn how The Travel Channel used Filecatalyst to transfer & manage its internal digital content exchange more efficiently, creating an immediately faster, and better organized, file exchange process.

Use Cases