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If history and the evolution of technology in media and broadcast have taught us anything, it’s that the present times are short-lived and advancements in technology are constantly evolving.  It started with standard broadcasting that then moved to HD to 1080P and now 4K and soon to be 8K and beyond.  What do they all have in common?  The exceedingly large file sizes that accompany such an ever-evolving technology that shows no signs of slowing down.  Live event production, especially in the sports broadcasting industry has gone beyond mainstream as the desire for exceptionally clear images and the “feel like you are there” goal continues to grow just like the associated file sizes.

FileCatalyst at its core makes the movement and management of these large files easily with our Emmy® award-winning accelerated file transfer solutions that are 100X faster than FTP and which are immune to latency and packet loss.  Based on UDP protocol, our solutions are designed to accelerate and optimize file transfers across global networks at speeds of up to 10Gbps by breaking down large data into manageable chunks that can be sent at full line speeds.

Feel confident with a solution that is fast, reliable, and secure.  Every time!

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How FileCatalyst Fits In Live Sports

FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

Our flagship product, FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of client and server applications that enables point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Utilizing the FileCatalyst UDP-based file transfer technology, FileCatalyst Direct is immune to the effects of packet loss and latency on a network so you can ensure it will be fast, secure and reliable. Every time.

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FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

FileCatalyst Workflow is a web portal for all your file transfer needs. It simplifies file exchange and boosts productivity by streamlining submission, distribution, and file sharing workflows on the web. By integrating directly into your corporate infrastructure, FileCatalyst Workflow makes receiving files easy for anyone outside of your network submitting files into your workflow.

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FileCatalyst Central at a glance

FileCatalyst Central is a web application used to monitor an organization’s entire FileCatalyst deployment. View ongoing transfers in real time, dig into transaction histories, manage or monitor alarms, stop and start transfer tasks on any connected FileCatalyst HotFolder. Like all FileCatalyst solutions, Central integrates seamlessly with all products in the FileCatalyst suite

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

Meets the demand for HD by transferring terabytes of HD video across global networks within minutes instead of hours.
A complete overview of your entire deployment from one centralized location makes tracking and monitoring very easy.
Progressive Transfer options allow media files to start transferring as they are being encoded.
Schedule and automate your file transfers with our most commonly used tool that integrate seamlessly into workflow systems.
Ensure file transfers remain private until they are ready for public release with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL certificates.
Set transmission rates and add control to your bandwidth in order to accommodate priority transfer

NBC Olympics selects FileCatalyst…

Learn more about the partnership between NBC Sports and FileCatalyst and how our File Transfer Technology was able to move nearly 300TB of data during the 2016 Rio summer games.

Use Cases

Our Place In Live sports

FileCatalyst & Royal Media

Royal Media, who has the rights to the Real Madrid TV Channel partners with FileCatalyst in order to accelerate their video footage. Once the video footage is shot, clips can be sent quickly to Mediapro for editing before submission.

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FileCatalyst & Pronology

FileCatalyst, announces its integration with Pronology’s Media Asset Management (MAM) software to accelerate the transfer of digital assets, used recently for FOX Sports’ coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™.

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