Whether you are purchasing the next trending iPhone or a powerful fast file transfer solution, support is always a bonus feature that provides you a team in your back corner. This sense of security takes a weight off of your shoulders because you know that assistance will be there to alleviate the stress that comes with updates, crashes, and more.  

Support is undervalued within the world of technology, the benefits are often dismissed, but when we take a step back to fully evaluate the assets of support, it becomes clear why it is usually included for a year with large scale products. There are many reasons to extend support once your trial is through, FileCatalyst’s support team highlights several reasons below:  

  1. Don’t wait for something to go wrong:
    For those who are unfamiliar with Murphy’s Law, consider yourself lucky. Essentially, it means when something goes wrong, several things coincide. When technical difficulties strike you do not want to be left without support, who will take the most complex of situations and turn it around in an efficient manner. It is a situation seen thousands of times by customer support within any industry. The customer will utilize the provided support up until the expiry, then the renewal falls through the cracks and an urgent issue occurs. The best way to avoid this error is to continue support or, prior to the expiry of your support contract, discuss what other viable options you have, as contracts differ for each company and product.  
  2. Never miss an update:
    Typically in regards to software, what you are purchasing is the current version on the market. This means that once the software is updated you will not have access to the latest version of the product. For specific customers this is not a concern, however, neglecting an update can result in loss of potential value for the software. You will miss out on bug fixes, new features and enhancements.
  3. Discover secure tips and tricks to leverage the product to its full potential:
    Support will often provide you with access to tailored articles and/or platforms that can only be accessed through your contract. Avoid missing out on these benefits that can add value to your purchased product. Support will also grow with your business, as your business grows, your workflows grow. With these enhancements your data protection could slide under your radar. Support will provide you with tips on how to better manage your data protection.

All of FileCatalyst’s perpetual licencing options include your first year of support and maintenance. Technical support is crucial to the customer experience, a key factor to fast file transfers is the fast aspect. Our support team understands that you need the quickest solution possible. Aly Essa, FileCatalyst’s Manager of Product Support says, “industry standards frequently change, Java changes, you want to ensure that you have support to provide quick and efficient solutions.” To help support help you, set reminders for yourself to backup your data and test your recovery procedure. This will assist any support team with your submitted issues. 

FileCatalyst highly recommends permanently continuing support. Support is insurance for your data, you wouldn’t go without insurance for your home or car, so why go unprotected when it comes to your important data? Protect yourself from unnecessary stress, utilize support services.