FileCatalyst Webmail

FileCatalyst Webmail offers a streamlined interface to transfer files online without burdening our corporate email servers. It's a powerful solution that fits our needs perfectly.

—Chris Carter, Director of Enterprise Technical Services, PPL.

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At a Glance

FileCatalyst Webmail solves the problem of large email attachments, enabling you to send files of any size to anybody with an email address. On top of that, Webmail also provides web-based file storage and sharing, like popular web-based “box” and “send” services, but secured and controlled in your own environment. This also allows you to customize the application to your organization’s needs with a wealth of built-in and add-on features.

Large Email Attachments

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Standard email is convenient and familiar. Pick your recipient, compose an email, possibly attach a file, and click “Send”. But if you've ever wanted to attach a large file, or track file delivery, you know that email has limitations.

With the same common steps—picking recipients, selecting a file, writing a message and clicking a button—you can send large files to anybody in the world.

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Online File Area

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FileCatalyst Webmail can provide users with one or more web-accessible file areas. These can be used for personal storage, much like popular web-based file storage systems. They can also be used for sharing and working on files in a group context. Of course, any files in storage can also be sent to anyone with an email address directly from the server, eliminating the need to re-upload or re-attach the file.

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Additional Features

FileCatalyst Webmail may be used a number of ways. Some of these are included in the Standard edition, while others are available in the Enterprise edition or as add-on features. This allows you to customize your FileCatalyst Webmail deployment to meet the needs of your users, while only paying for the features you need.

  • Client Applications: although the web portal is the most common way to interact with FileCatalyst Webmail, there are other options: Microsoft® Outlook™ plugin, HotFolder automation and scheduling application. The Express client and Command Line interface are also available for those connecting directly to their file area.
  • Security: The web application may be served over HTTPS, and connections to the FileCatalyst Server may be secured with SSL and AES. Authentication via Active Directory provides a wealth of inherent security features, and using LDAPS makes it even more so.
  • Customizability: everything the user interacts with can be changed to match your brand and preferences. The look and feel of the web portal, the language used, and information collected from senders and more can all be updated from the administrator's account. Since nearly any distribution scenario is possible, Webmail serves as a perfect technology to replace DigiDelivery.
  • Flexibility: Support for every major OS and browser. Interoperability with other products in the FileCatalyst Family. Expandable by adding additional FileCatalyst Direct servers. Automatic maintenance options to pick and choose from.

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