FileCatalyst Webmail 4.8 Downloads

Please note that files in the download area are password-protected. For all clients with a valid support contract, the download password can be obtained via the Support Portal (if you don't have an account simply create one). If after logging in you don't see a link "Get Download Password" open a ticket and request "Get Download Password" feature to be added to your account.

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FileCatalyst Webmail overcomes size limitations for email attachments, as well as providing a central location for tracking, storing, and managing transfers by the system's users.

Core Application Downloads

Windows Installer
Windows™ 32-bit New Installations ONLY – download the executable installer (~130 MB)
Zip Archive
All Other Scenarios (including Win 64-bit) – download the ZIP archive of the WAR file (~25 MB)
  • This file is for all upgrades (including upgrades of Windows installations that used the above installer) as well as new deployments to other OSes
  • Requires Java 6/7 and Tomcat 6/7 (or other servlet container)

Optional Application Downloads

Some of these applications—such as FileCatalyst Server—require a compatible license key.

Server Download
FileCatalyst Server is an optional component for FileCatalyst Webmail, bringing FileCatalyst acceleration and point-to-point transfers to your Webmail solution.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
HotFolder Download
FileCatalyst HotFolder is a desktop application which may be used by end-users for automated submission of new/updated files to FileCatalyst Webmail.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
Remote Administration Tool
Server Remote Administration Tool is a desktop application which allows remote administrators to have full control of the FileCatalyst Server. This tool does not allow for administration of the web application.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
Outlook Plugin for Webmail
The Outlook Plugin enables submission to the Webmail system directly from
Microsoft® Outlook.
Download for: Windows
Documentation: PDF
Requires Java Runtime 6, NET Framework 2.0+, Windows, Outlook
FileCatalyst Web API
FileCatalyst Web API is a tool that allows submission of jobs programmatically to FileCatalyst Webmail.
Download for: All Operating Systems


Webmail Quickstart PDF
Linux Installation Guide
Deployment in
Apache Tomcat
Enabling Acceleration
HotFolder Integration
Release Notes
Online Documentation
Upgrade Instructions