Connecting to the FileCatalyst Central Database

Introduction With the release of File Catalyst Direct 3.0.1, Central will provide the ability to enable external access to its database of transfer information. First, a little basic information: Central uses a Derby database to store its data. This means that whatever tool you are planning on using to access the database will need to […]

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Congestion Control in FileCatalyst

Our customers often ask about our “congestion control” feature: what exactly is congestion control, why is it needed and how does it work in the context of FileCatalyst? Not easy questions to answer without getting overly technical, but this article will attempt to give high-level answers. Congestion Control: General Overview On an IP network such […]

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Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant, and More Secure

We just added a new whitepaper into our Datasheets and Collaterals page, entitled Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant, and More Secure. Though we are sponsors, the paper is written by Osterman Research. What this means is simply that the contents are the product of Osterman. Being that we are in the business of file transfer, […]

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FileCatalyst JavaScript API: In-Browser File Transfer

Introduction The FileCatalyst JavaScript API offers the ability to implement an accelerated file transfer application from within a web browser. Using the API, you are able to customize the end-user's file transfer experience, integrating the file transfer into your site (in terms of both functionality and UI) in a way not necessarily possible with the […]

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Analysis On Improving Throughput Part 1: Disk IO

This post is the first of a series and continues in Part 2: Memory In light of the release of FileCatalyst Direct v3.0, I thought I'd write a few articles about the road to achieving 10Gbps speeds. It seems to me the best place to start is with the endpoint of the transfer: the storage […]

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What Problems are we solving?

This blog post is in response to a Google+ topic presented here by Jay Cuthrell (@qthrul) The question was: I'm catching up on Aspera, Digital Rapids, FileCatalyst, Kencast, RepliWeb, RocketStream (TIBCO), Signiant, SmartJog, etc... What problems are each of these companies solving today? Tomorrow? Any other suggestions? My response was an impromptu stream... written on […]

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The World is Getting Faster – FTP is not

Just finished reading a post at GigaOm regarding gigabit fibre in the UK. Of course, being in the business that we're in, I immediately thought: if businesses of all sizes, and even homes end up with 300Mbps connections (or faster), what are all these people going to be doing to transfer their large files? Home […]

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FileCatalyst at GTEC 2011

GTEC is Canada's government technology event. Thousands of visitors from both the public and private sectors will be at GTEC to learn about the technologies at play within the government, as well as emerging technologies which may soon become a part of the government's technology landscape. FileCatalyst has been deployed in a number of government […]

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FileCatalyst at InterOp NY 2011

FileCatalyst will be in New York at the Javits Centre from Oct 3–7, showcasing the lastest advances in our technology. Come visit us at booth 603 and we'll be happy to answer all your questions or provide a demonstration. While showing our technology, we will be focusing specifically on: 10 Gbps transfers in the Enterprise. […]

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FileCatalyst 3.0 announced

Earlier this month at IBC in Amsterdam, we announced the soon to be released FileCatalyst 3.0. The new version can transfer files really really fast... up-to 10Gbps (1,250 MB/sec) with AES encryption! It also includes a global monitoring console to watch your entire file transfer Eco-system from a single browser window. You can read more […]

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