More aggressive transfer settings in v3.1

When FileCatalyst first introduced congestion control in 2006 (or v1.5 of the software), we decided to have the protocol “play nice” on networks. To a network administrator, this meant that we never oversaturated their network when they ran their first UDP transfer. It also meant that with HotFolder's default settings, transfers would begin at 384 […]

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If big data is the new oil, accelerated file transfer is the pipeline!

"Big data" is the latest buzz word among the IT community. There is much talk about analyzing data to save money and improve efficiency. In fact, there is so much money involved in big data that IBM’s VP of innovation, Bernard Meyerson, referred to big data as the "new oil" at the recent GTEC conference. […]

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Java and Windows 7 Services

I recently had an interesting support case that I thought deserved to be shared with everyone. Essentially the customer was unable to run FileCatalyst Server as a service on Windows 7 Premium with the Windows firewall up. After attempting several things we discovered that it was a permissions issue with Java and Windows 7 services. […]

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Comparison of web-based file transfer methodologies

Transferring large files over the internet has never been a simple task. Anyone that has ever tried to transfer a file larger than 100MB can vouch for the slow transfer speeds, multiple disconnects, data corruption, complexity of the task and security issues surrounding FTP. The same problem exists for web developers trying to implement web-based […]

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There seems to always be some confusion as to when to use the HTTP POST versus the HTTP PUT method for REST services. Most developers will try to associate CRUD operations directly to HTTP methods. I will argue that this is not correct and one can not simply associate the CRUD concepts to the HTTP […]

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FileCatalyst IBC 2012 Wrap-up

FileCatalyst exhibited at the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) show in Amsterdam, the expo portion having run from September 7–11. It is one of the biggest shows of its type in the world, and I always find it interesting to be a part of the team in attendance. With IBC 2012 behind us, here are some […]

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Why hardware solutions can never truly replace software for file transfer acceleration

In the world of file transfer acceleration, there are multiple approaches using both WAN Optimization appliances or pure software solutions like FileCatalyst. Hardware sometimes give the impression of perceived value; there is a tangibility that you just don't get with software. But can a hardware solution on its own really replace software for file transfer […]

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Exposing the Internal FileCatalyst Server in Webmail and Workflow to accept connections from 3rd Party FTP Clients

Change is hard sometimes and while some of us find it easy to accept change, others find it hard. When IT departments move to FileCatalyst Webmail or Workflow to replace sending of files via email or using unmanaged FTP Servers, the big question is: "How can we do this while keeping users who are comfortable […]

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Quicklink and FileCatalyst – together on iOS

Quicklink implemented our file transfer technology some time ago, as an option for their impressive Store and Forward LNG offering, giving users the ability to send content to a central location at maximum available line speed. As part of our continuing relationship, we will have access to one of their Merlin backpack encoders at our […]

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Connecting to Multiple FC/FTP Servers In Webmail or Workflow

Background: Transactional data in Webmail/Workflow is tiny, not requiring much disk space; however, the file transfer data (the actual files) is very large. It is important to manage how and where this data is stored. Problem: You have multiple locations and you want to control where the files are stored when being sent via Webmail […]

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