Why the Newly Launched Satellite Alphasat is a Perfect Match for FileCatalyst

On Aug 15, 2014 BBC published the following article: Alphasat: 'Space A380' switches on 'brain' “Alphasat will be used by broadcasters such as the BBC, shipping operators, the oil industry, the military, and anyone else working away from traditional terrestrial communications networks.” We already have a number of clients that use FileCatalyst on the Inmarsat […]

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Dev’s Corner – Keeping our code base healthy with TDD!

Contributed by Jack Scuncio Our software is always in a constant state of improving and growing. For the dev team this means that there are now more people working on more code than ever before and that our development process has to become more refined. When adding a new feature, we have to ensure the […]

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Moving large volumes of smaller files – Webinar follow-up

In our June webinar last month we discussed how FileCatalyst is able to transfer large volumes of small files. This is accomplished by creating larger archives comprising of the smaller files, rather than sending the files individually. This blog is intended to further elaborate on some features I didn't discuss in the webinar and as […]

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Prioritizing Transfers in FileCatalyst Direct

FileCatalyst routinely helps users make full use of your bandwidth for file transfer. Scenarios in which bandwidth is optimized include cases where certain file transfers have higher priority than others, or when files being exchanged with a particular customer are more important than files exchanged with others. FileCatalyst Direct offers up a number of controls […]

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Better Form Uploads

Old Form Uploads Our existing web applications have used a solid "form upload" mechanism for years, which serves as a fallback for people who cannot (or choose to not) use our Java applets for accelerated uploads. However, as more time goes by, the more it is showing its age. Here are the current limitations: HTTP […]

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XHR2 via JavaScript – HTTP Uploads

Synopsis A brief overview on the whys and hows of using HTML's XHR2 API for file transfer. In addition to the overview, jQuery-based sample JavaScript is provided for the client side. Skip to sample code ⇒ XHR2: Yup, it's TCP. FileCatalyst specializes in fast UDP. Why use it? Although FileCatalyst technology is based primarily on […]

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Accelerating transfers from a .NET environment

Among our many APIs, FileCatalyst offers a way to integrate into a .NET platform using the FileCatalyst .NET DLL. The DLL can be used in C# applications as well as VB and C++. The DLL is a wrapper around our command line interface (CLI) tool. We wrote code to generate command line arguments as well […]

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FileCatalyst Joins International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers

FileCatalyst recently joined the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, (IABM), the only international association that represents the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. Controlled by a 15 strong Member’s Broad, the IABM is the authoritative voice for the industry and offers member companies a range of services including market intelligence, technical services, event participation […]

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REST – Why HTTP Status Codes Are Important

There are many ways in which REST developers can tackle error handling. Most REST services will send some kind of error condition structure which embeds an error message describing the error and some kind of code. This is a good start. However, for some REST services the HTTP status code is not well defined. In […]

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Moving Big Data Fast: 5 Reasons Why Accelerated and Managed File Transfer Should be Part of Every Big Data Strategy

Big data is growing - in every sense of the word. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the amount of data produced every day is growing exponentially. Presently, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. And 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years.(1) Furthermore, […]

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