April Webinar: How to Configure Advanced Order Forms in FileCatalyst Workflow

Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: 2:00 - 2:45 pm

FileCatalyst Workflow is a powerful, web-based managed file transfer tool. This solution supports many different type of file transfer workflows including:

  • Sending large files to email recipients
  • Uploading files to a predetermined location
  • Automatic post-processing of uploaded files/content
  • Scheduled and automated file transfers from a predetermined location

All of the above listed workflows and anything else in between is configured via order forms and custom fields in FileCatalyst Workflow. In April's webinar we will focus on the order forms and custom field functionality and how they specifically relate to the file transfer workflow for the end user.

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About the Speaker: John Tkaczewski


In 2000, John co-founded Unlimi-Tech Software, creator of the FileCatalyst suite of file transfer solutions. John remains active in software development, overseeing creative and technical vision for the FileCatalyst Webmail and FileCatalyst Workflow products.