Overcoming the Limits of Email Attachments with FileCatalyst

Overcoming the Limits of Email Attachments with FileCatalyst


We all use email on a daily basis; millions are sent every minute, making it “the way” we communicate at work. As handy as emails are, they still have limitations that hold back their content sharing potential. One critical setback is the strict size limitations placed on attachments, at a mere 25 MB. In this webinar, FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and President, John Tkaczewski, shows attendees how FileCatalyst makes “email too large” notifications a thing of the past with FileCatalyst Workflow and FileCatalyst Direct’s Link feature.

What & How

Our solutions add an accelerated download link into your email without having to attach the file directly. This webinar will show you the different options FileCatalyst offers for sending and receiving large email attachments, as well as address different security and tracking issues.


If your organization is struggling with email attachment limits, or if large email attachments are causing your email archive to balloon out of control, you will find a lot of useful information in this recorded webinar!