I am approaching my first year at Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc and I’ve got to say a big part of this company’s success comes not just from great minds but also a great work environment. The level of professionalism exhibited by my co-workers astounds me daily, but what makes this office a pleasure to arrive at every day is our sense of fun.

That being said, we have a sense of humour (an amazing one) in not only employees, but managers as well.

If a developer breaks the build, there is no reprimand. Instead they are gleefully given a trophy that sits on their desk, showing everyone that they were indeed the last person to break the build. You do not want the trophy and you are more than happy to give it away. The end result, less broken builds, better code practices, more due diligence.

For exceptionally grave offenses, there is the dreaded “shame cake”. The cake will have the offense written in delicious icing and will be served by the offending party. For the life of me, I cannot think of a repeat offender who was the recipient of a shame cake.

There is a yoyo club.

We hang out with each other at the pub for lunch.

There is a specific rule of no nerf guns (not without cause).

We go golfing, some of us wear kilts in the spirit of the sport.

We go bowling.

We have made pyramids of muffins.

Finally, if you do your job well, you earn a Hero Cookie.


In the end, I am excited to come to work every day. I love sitting down to write some new feature or make our product better. When you remove the tedious aspects of an office environment, when you replace stress with laughter, you end up with a special kind of alchemy that results in effortless excellence. Most of all, I just love hero cookies.