Fast File Transfer

What is the fastest way to transfer files?

Now more than ever, businesses are presented with a major challenge: they need a solution for fast file sharing. Not all fast file transfer solutions will transfer your businesses files at the same speed depending on the size of the file needing transfer, the end-point locations, the path, the devices, firewalls, network systems, and encryption. FileCatalyst offers fast file sharing solutions that are tailored to address all these details along with your business’ needs.

How does FileCatalyst address your fast file sharing needs?

Not only is FileCatalyst a strong tool for fast file transfer but it specifically acts as a strong tool to send large files fast. In addition, our fast file sharing solution transfers your data reliably with checkpoint restart and integrity checks, industry standard 256-bit AES encryption, broadcast workflow and MAM solution integration as well as integration with web browsers and cloud storage providers.

Our UDP based technology allows for file transfers that are 100 times faster than traditional FTPs with a file sharing speed that exceeds 10 Gbps. FileCatalyst solutions are also immune to latency and packet loss, ensuring that when you send large files fast, you do so reliably and securely.

FileCatalyst Product Highlights

• Send files at speeds of 10Gbps and up
• Reliable delivery with checkpoint restart and integrity check
• Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption
• Watch folders / automation and web browser integration
• Integrated with leading broadcast workflow and MAM solutions
• Tightly integrated with leading cloudstorage providers

Ready to experience fast file sharing?

The best way to truly understand the difference between fast file transfer solutions like FileCatalyst and traditional FTPs is to experience it for yourself. Before committing to a solution, you can start to send large files fast with a free trial.


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