We provide software-based solutions designed to accelerate and optimize file transfers across global networks, serving a variety of industries. Global organizations including NBC, BHP Billiton, Dell, NASA, Ernst & Young, Honda, Sony, Ford, and Unisys use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer, including content distribution, file sharing, and offsite backups. Founded in 2000, FileCatalyst now has more than 1,000 clients with a user base of over 1 million…Here’s why:

Our Technology

As a world leader in file transfer solutions, FileCatalyst’s core transport technology accelerates and optimizes transfers across global connections to transfer large files and big data at accelerated rates. Demonstrated by an independent study as the most stable file transfer solution at 10 Gbps, FileCatalyst’s patent pending, unique technology outperforms competitors in the presence of network impairments such as packet loss and latency.

Our Customers

FileCatalyst is dedicated to customer success and is proud to optimize file transfers for a large customer base including many leaders in our client industries. From customer case studies to testimonials, our clients are the best illustration of the high return on investment gained with our accelerated file transfer platform.

Our Partners

The FileCatalyst Partner Alliance Program orchestrates the delivery of time critical information through a global network of expert channel and technology partners. Teaming with value added resellers to extend the reach of FileCatalyst solutions globally and with independent software vendors to seamlessly integrate FileCatalyst technology into a variety of business applications and hardware, allows us to provide industry specific added value/total solutions.

Our Support

FileCatalyst is committed to providing customers with the highest levels of customer support in the industry. By providing responsive and personal interactions with our developers and high-level support engineers, we ensure our customers meet their goals and gain the most value possible from the FileCatalyst.

Our Values

Our dedication to continual and focused innovation, customer success, strategic partnerships, and global responsiveness, are the guiding principles influencing all corporate initiatives. From product innovation to customer support, our corporate values are consistently conveyed by our leadership team to achieve the highest standards of service and value for our customers.

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