Any organization handling large volumes of information, whether in the form of big data, media-rich files, databases, etc., can benefit from acceleration technology to save time sending files and ensure reliable and secure file transfers. The FileCatalyst platform benefits a variety of industries, serving unique file transfer needs for clients to streamline and simplify the file exchange process.

While there are many methods of exchanging data, the benefits of an accelerated and managed file transfer solution to organizations are unmatched (read more in our white paper Accelerating File Transfers). To get a better understand of how accelerating your file transfers will benefit your workflows, please try our file transfer calculator.

With FileCatalyst’s software-only approach to file transfer, deployment is fast and simple, ensuring the following returns are quickly realized:

Maximize Organizational Productivity

Since transferring your data happens quickly, less time is spent waiting for files to arrive and can instead be spent on the organization’s core competencies. Tracking capabilities & email notifications also ensure files are not lost or forgotten, further increasing organizational efficiency.

Optimize Existing Infrastructure

FileCatalyst software can make your old infrastructure run like new again, optimizing transfers and eliminating the need for upgrades at a fraction of the cost of new hardware and upgrading bandwidth/network links.

Ease International Collaboration

Fast transfers over geographically dispersed areas and a central hub for file transfers make sharing files on a global scale simple.

Secure Confidential Data

When transferring files via traditional methods, in-transit data can be left susceptible to security breaches and leakages. FileCatalyst ensures files are kept private with industry-standard encryption using SSL for the control channel, AES encryption on the data, and a host of other security features.

Simplify IT Administration

FileCatalyst enables simple file transfers between end users without heavy IT administration. IT administration for a large volume of end users is simple with features including central monitoring, remote administration, user group access levels, and fine-grained bandwidth controls, allowing administrators to quickly assign more bandwidth when and where it is needed.

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