FileCatalyst Mobile on iOS


FileCatalyst TransferAgent offers a new way to leverage FileCatalyst technology from within a browser, allowing files to be sent securely and reliably at speeds up to 10Gbps. Like all other FileCatalyst products, TransferAgent is able to overcome poor network conditions to ensure files arrive at their destination.

TransferAgent combines a desktop application (the “agent” itself) with an HTML5 interface that allows browsing local or remote file listings, selecting files for transfer, and initiating transfer without the use of browser plugins. Additionally, the flexible interface allows organizations to set up a button for downloading preselected files. Once a transfer is under way, progress updates are published to the web browser; however, the browser window or tab can be closed at any time and the transfer will continue.

There are many integration options for TransferAgent. Below are upload and download. All files uploaded to the demo server, are automatically deleted after 15 minutes.

  • Upload Example: Local directory listing and an upload queue (files are automatically deleted after 15 minutes)
  • Download Example: Remote directory listing and a download queue
  • 2-Way Example: A 2-pane local and remote simple transfer.



The Link feature solves the problem of sending large attachments, and makes it simple for users to quickly send files as an email link. It’s simple for the administrator to enable, for the user to send both local and remote files, and for the recipient to download the files from the link.

When licensed and enabled, FileCatalyst Server is given the ability to expose the Link web application, a small collection of pages purpose-built for simplified sharing of files. There is no heavy deployment phase since FileCatalyst Server is the web server.

The user logs into Link using their browser, selects local or remote files to share, and fills out the remaining email fields. If local files are selected, there is an upload phase that uses FileCatalyst acceleration. Once all the files are collected, Link sends an email with a download URL to the intended recipient(s). The recipient of the email does NOT need a user account. They simply click the URL provided and can download the files.

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