The Flexibility to Move Large Print Files

Printing houses are constantly ingesting, sharing, and distributing files. From initial design to the final delivery, files are changing hands. Large graphics files, brochures, booklets, and many other forms of media simply can’t be transferred quickly, reliably, or securely via physical shipments, FTP, or email. Additionally, these traditional file transfer methods lack tracking capabilities, making job tracking difficult and inefficient.

By incorporating FileCatalyst’s speed, efficiency, and accountability into the submission process, printing workflows can be transformed into simple and efficient processes.

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How FileCatalyst Fits Into Printing

FileCatalyst Direct at a glance

Transfer your files from design, to printing, and to customers at blazing speeds using FileCatalyst Direct.

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FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

Easily distribute large finished projects via FileCatalyst Workflow.

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FileCatalyst Central at a glance

Remotely monitor the health of every node across your organization with FileCatalyst Central.

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

Reduce production cycles with the quick transmission of large format print files.
Simplified international orders with fast transfers over large geographically dispersed areas.
Use your branding across our user interface with custom email notifications & pricing calculations.
Secure online storage of client files with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL.
FileCatalyst makes job reordering in quick and easy with the online storage of client files.
Create your own, customizable forms for easy and fast customer submissions.

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