The Flexibility to Move Large Print Files

Printing houses need to ingest, share, and distribute files in various formats. From initial design to the final delivery, files are constantly changing hands for review, editing, and approval.

Large graphics files, brochures, booklets, and many other forms of media simply can’t be transferred quickly, reliably, or securely via physical shipments, FTP, or email. To make matters worse, these traditional file transfer methods lack tracking capabilities, making job tracking difficult and inefficient.

There’s a Solution: Fast File Transfer for Printing

By incorporating FileCatalyst’s speed, efficiency, and accountability into your operations, printing workflows can be transformed into simple and efficient processes.

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

  • Supercharge Projects: Reduce production cycles with the quick transmission of large format print files.

  • Work Internationally: Simplified international orders with fast transfers over large geographically dispersed areas.

  • Maintain Your Brand: Use your branding across our user interface with custom email notifications & pricing calculations.

  • Keep Files Secure: Secure online storage of client files with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL.

  • Make Reorders a Breeze: FileCatalyst makes job reordering in quick and easy with the online storage of client files.

  • Easy Submission: Create your own, customizable forms for easy and fast customer submissions.

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FileCatalyst Helps with Printing Workflows

Fast File Transfer for Printing: FileCatalyst Use Cases

CritialPast + FileCatalyst

This archive of more than 57,000 historic footage and image files offers immediate, fast downloads thanks to FileCatalyst’s file transfer acceleration software. No matter the client’s geographical region, they can get near-instantaneous access to the files they need.

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Malayala Manorama Company + FileCatalyst

Time is of the essence for Malayala Manorama Publications, the fifth most circulated newspaper in the world and third largest circulating newspaper in India. Reporters, film crews, and photographers need to share and transfer media assets from various locations without bottlenecks. To expedite their news reporting, they turned to FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer solution.

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