Ottawa, ON – FileCatalyst, an Emmy® award-winning pioneer in managed file transfers and a world leading accelerated file transfer solution, has announced that they will be attending the ISC High Performance trade show (Booth K-447) from June 24-28, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

FileCatalyst will be showcasing all of the latest updates that have been made to their software suite (FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst Workflow, and FileCatalyst Central), new consumption-based licensing models, and cloud support for public and private clouds including:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Caringo
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Cloudian
  • Dell EMC
  • Object Matrix
  • Scality
  • Swiftstack

FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst’s flagship solution, is a suite of server and client applications that accelerates point-to-point file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. FileCatalyst utilizes a patented, built in-house, UDP-based file transfer technology that overcomes the issues of slow file transfers caused by network impairments such as latency and packet loss. FileCatalyst’s technology allows users to transfer large files and datasets across the WAN at speeds hundreds of times faster than traditional FTP-based solutions.

FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer solutions enhance productivity and boost organizational efficiency across a number of industries utilizing High-Performance Computing (HPC) workflows including automotive, oil & gas, life sciences, aerospace, and healthcare. Any organizational workflow that sends large data sets to and from off-site HPC facilities can use FileCatalyst to maximize bandwidth and accommodate multi-gigabit transfer speeds.

FileCatalyst is currently used by customers to enhance HPC-related use cases including:

  • Accelerated file transfers to/from clusters
  • Data migration and backups
  • Accelerated file transfers to/from object storage
  • Automated synchronization and distribution of large data sets
  • Accelerated web-based file transfers

“This is our first time attending the ISC High Performance trade show, and we’re excited, to say the least,” said John Tkaczewski, Co-Founder and President of FileCatalyst. “As big data continues to grow, there’s never been a greater need to efficiently move large datasets in the HPC world than there is today.”

For ISC High Performance 2018 attendees who want to learn more, FileCatalyst will be in booth K-447. Visit the FileCatalyst booth to learn more about their entire suite of products, upcoming releases, and to get a live demo on the tradeshow floor.


About FileCatalyst

Located in Ottawa, Canada, FileCatalyst is a pioneer in managed file transfers and an Emmy® award-winning leader of accelerated file transfer solutions. The company, founded in 2000, has more than one thousand customers in media & entertainment, energy & mining, gaming, printing, military, and government including many Fortune 500 companies.

FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably. FileCatalyst is immune to the effects that latency and packet loss have on traditional file transfer methods including FTP, HTTP or CIFS. Global organizations use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer including content distribution, file sharing, and offsite backups. To learn more visit or on Twitter @FileCatalyst.