DAICY China is a company with CAD/CAE/HPC/RVC software originally developed to provide high-performance computing by vendors and long-term counseling, co-simulation platform consulting, and CAE secondary development consulting service providers. Currently DAICY China’s flagship products are DAICY/RVCP co-simulation platform software, DAICY/HPC high-performance computing platform, DAICY/RVC remote visualization platform, DAICY/SimDP engineering products (such as automatic data analysis software), and DAICY/CloudSystem cloud portfolio.

DAICY China is also responsible for related products sales and technical support operations in the Chinese region.

In the pursuit of excellence, DAICY China will never intrude on a customer’s spirit of entrepreneurship and will adapt to the needs of the domestic industry as well as the constant introduction of the world’s leading technology. With many years of project experience, DAICY domestic customers in related industries receive technical advisory services.

Regions served: China