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Recent Launches:

FileCatalyst Direct v3.8!
FileCatalyst Direct v3.8 is one of our largest launches to date, and we are excited to bring you helpful new features and enhancements that will take your workflows to a new level of progress. Watch our on-demand webinar now to discover the new features and enhancements.

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FileCatalyst / Dropbox Integration
Earlier this month, FileCatalyst announced the partnership with Dropbox. FileCatalyst Direct v3.8, has the added capability to connect Dropbox as an External File System in the FileCatalyst Direct server. This will allow users to transfer their files at accelerated rates, through the power of UDP. For more details on the integration you can now watch our on-demand webinar.

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Latest Webinar: 

How to Set up a Simple, Cost-Effective Remote Video Workflow:
A Joint Webinar with Cloudian, axle ai, and FileCatalyst

During these challenging times, there has been much written about supporting the remote worker but little about how to quickly and cost-effectively deploy such a solution.

This webinar as jointly presented by axle, FileCatalyst and Cloudian provides a case study where not only was a remote work solution deployed but it was done quickly and cost-effectively.

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Work Remotely with FileCatalyst:

Take control of your File Transfers

Working remotely has become the new norm for many businesses. No matter the industry, working remotely relies on collaboration and a fast file sharing service can remove roadblocks from your workflows. FileCatalyst offers tailored products to alleviate the stresses that are caused by working remotely. When implemented, our solutions result in faster file transfer speeds and more productive collaboration. Try our products out for free today!

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Special Remote Working Offers:

FileCatalyst Spaces is a fully customizable file transfer web portal that is offered as a fully managed cloud service. FileCatalyst Spaces lets you set up your own file transfer portal without any file size limits. You can customize it to match your corporate identity, and create custom forms to collect extra details about the files being transferred.

When signing up for FileCatalyst Spaces, enter the special coupon code to claim your $600 credit.

FileCatalyst Direct is a file transfer platform that can be deployed on your own infrastructure (cloud or on-prem) to provide file transfer acceleration, automation, and ad-hoc file transfer capabilities.

When purchasing a consumption license, enter the special coupon code to claim your $600 credit. This will waive the $200 setup fee, and provide up to 2TB of free data transfer.

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Recent Blog Post & eBook:  

What Reopening the Economies Will Look Like and How It Could Impact Your Digital Workflows

Slowly the economies will start to reopen, one by one, and while this process will not be as simple as turning on a switch, it will, once again, alter your digital workflows. It’s important to recognize that this rollercoaster of new regulations will impact how you continue your internal and external efforts.

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You’ve Got Mail | A Files2U eBook

There are steps a business must take to ensure their company not only survives but thrives in today’s unpredictable environment. This eBook will teach you the process a sender must go through in the Files2U portal- our free file sharing service. Discover how Files2U and other FileCatalyst initiatives can assist your remote workflows in this concise eBook.

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