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FileCatalyst Workflow v5.1.2 Released

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FileCatalyst Workflow v5.1.2 Released

We are pleased to inform our current and potential customers that the new version of our FileCatalyst Workflow v5.12 is now available. In this release, we have added security features such as TLSv1.2 compliance and many other helpful fixes. If you are an already existing customer, this exciting release is already available for you to download from our website. Review our release notes for all of the details.

Release Notes

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Work Remotely with FileCatalyst:

Take control of your File Transfers

Working remotely has become the new norm for many businesses. No matter the industry, working remotely relies on collaboration and a fast file sharing service can remove roadblocks from your workflows. FileCatalyst offers tailored products to alleviate the stresses that are caused by working remotely. When implemented, our solutions result in faster file transfer speeds and more productive collaboration. Try our products out for free today!

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Recent Blog Posts:

How Large Files Will Affect Your Transferring Process

When working with large files you want to have the ability to transfer them efficiently and at full-line speeds. The question we want to answer is what do today’s typical media files look like and what is coming down the pipeline over the next several years.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | How Fast File Transfers Benefit the World of Live Sports

Reruns could only hold your attention for so long. Team owners knew that the games must go on. To make that happen it takes the proper toolbox of various technologies. Learn why a fast file transfer solution is critical.

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