FileCatalyst recently joined the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, (IABM), the only international association that represents the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. Controlled by a 15 strong Member’s Broad, the IABM is the authoritative voice for the industry and offers member companies a range of services including market intelligence, technical services, event participation services, training, as well as other resources.


Joining 300+ worldwide members, FileCatalyst is now part of an association representing over 80% of the global broadcast technology market. Members range from small niche providers to global corporate businesses who each value different aspects of the services available from their trade association.

FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer technology helps end users in the broadcast space to eliminate slow or unreliable file delivery of media files which have skyrocketed in size with the adoption of 4K and HD resolutions. These resolutions go hand in hand with large format files and methods of file transfer like FTP and email are not able to keep up with these larger files, often leading to failed or never-ending transfers. Fast and reliable movement of files are crucial for these workflows, especially in an industry where fast delivery is critical.

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