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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) teams typically collaborate remotely on projects. In some cases, these remote collaborations can cases span the globe. When working on projects of this size and scope, professionals depend on digital file transfer processes to share information, manage project task items and communicate with one another effectively.

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files are generally very large, making them just as hard to move. There has also been an increased demand for these project files to include more elements and detail, which has caused their size to skyrocket even further. This constant growth is challenging the ability to quickly share and distribute critical information needed to meet project deadlines.

FileCatalyst’s software solutions accelerate, simplify, and secure file transfers so AEC teams can quickly and easily share large project files and other data sets – regardless of location. Use FileCatalyst to take your project from a CAD dream to a reality.

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How FileCatalyst Fits Into A.E.C

FileCatalyst Direct at a glance

Make quick work out of sending large CAD project files and other architectural data with FileCatalyst Direct.

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FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

Easily ingest, and distribute, project files from partner companies on the project with FileCatalyst Workflow

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FileCatalyst Central at a glance

Monitor and manage your CAD project files as they transfer, and adjust their configurations, remotely

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

FileCatalyst will keep you ahead of project deadlines and never leave you waiting for transfers.
FileCatalyst’s Delta Transfer feature enables large files to be sent once, and then only sends file changes to the destination, for incredibly fast delivery
FileCatalyst’s highly customizable platform enables easy integration and flexibility, allowing you to maintain your “look and feel.”
FileCatalyst simplifies international collaboration over large geographically dispersed areas with up to 10 Gbps line speeds.
Secure your transfers and keep them private with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL
As VR becomes a more commonly used tool in AEC, FileCatalyst allows you to move these files across your organization with ease

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