FileCatalyst vs. Signiant

Chris Bailey – CEO, Co-founder of FileCatalyst
Shares Why FileCatalyst Should be Your First Choice For a Fast File Transfer Solution.

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FileCatalyst provides better performance and scalability than you get with Signiant, but without the expensive long term contracts. With FileCatalyst you are dealing with a company that is large enough to serve enterprise customers, but still small enough that we can react to your needs. If you are looking for an accelerated file transfer solution that can do everything Signiant can, but with more performance, more flexible licensing, more extensive partner ecosystem, and extensive SDK capabilities, then you have come to the right place.

Key Differences


FileCatalyst has built a reputation of being the most reliable accelerated file transfer solution on the market. From mission critical enterprise file transfer, to transferring massive video files for the world’s largest sporting events, FileCatalyst has a proven track record that Signiant just can’t match.


Where FileCatalyst really stands out from Signiant is with our extensive ecosystem of partners. FileCatalyst integrates seamlessly with leading MAM, workflow, QC and cloud storage providers. Our extensive SDK makes new integrations simple, you can add accelerated ingest or distribution capabilities to any application with very little effort.


If you want to jump into an expensive long term contract, Signiant may be a good option. But if you want flexibility, FileCatalyst has multiple licensing options that are suitable for small, medium, and enterprise-scale businesses. Our prices are actually reasonable and are suitable for both short and long term projects.

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