Accelerated File Transfers to Google

FileCatalyst accelerated file transfer technology can now be leveraged within Google Cloud without the need to buy a perpetual license. Now you can transfer files to and from Google Cloud infrastructure at multi-Gbps speeds using FileCatalyst and only pay for the time you use (per hour), or the data you transfer (per GB).


  • Move files at multi-Gbps speeds

  • Patented UDP based file transfers

  • 256-bit AES Encryption

  • Transfer data into Google Cloud Storage at multi-Gbps speeds

  • Flexible per hour or per GB billing

  • Easily move data between regions

Start accelerating and optimizing your file transfers.

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Google Cloud Storage Integration

FileCatalyst Server has leveraged the Google Cloud SDK to create the fastest and most comprehensive way to migrate data to Google Cloud Storage. Files are accelerated from remote locations to your FileCatalyst server running on an instance running in Google Cloud. FileCatalyst streams the files directly into Google Cloud storage, never landing on local storage. FileCatalyst can transfer files into object storage at multi-Gbps speeds when using capable VMs.

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