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The natural resources industry generates massive amounts of data. Whether it’s seismic readings of the earth’s surface during upstream exploration, equipment and drill site records used to optimize active deposits, or massive backups being created for disaster recovery, the natural resources industry is collecting and producing data in a greater variety, volume, and velocity than ever before.

Make Big Data Global Delivery Easier with Fast File Transfer

To work and collaborate effectively with this vast and varied data, a fast and reliable connection is vital. Traditional transfer methods, including HTTP, FTP, and TCP, weren’t designed to transfer data of this size and scope (multiple-petabytes), and they all suffer from speed degradation caused by latency and packet loss. This can mean days-long delays, meaning lost time, wasted resources and a direct impact on your efficiency and ROI.

FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer solutions are designed to accelerate and optimize large file transfers across great distances to maximize throughput and minimize wait times. FileCatalyst is the ideal solution for remote work sites including offshore rigs, remote mines, and anywhere else weak connections and latency are common.

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Bottlenecks and Lost Connections: Sending Large Files from Around the Globe

All this natural resources data comes from a myriad of disparate and remote areas around the world. Files must travel huge distances across various connections, including such as satellite, wireless, and terrestrial links. But the nonuniform strength, quality, and performance of these connections can create disruptions.

Like transfer methods, storage locations are becoming equally as diverse, spanning on-premises, cloud, and hybrid systems. And once the data is stored, it does not necessarily remain stationary. Raw exploration data is typically sent to High Power Computing (HPC) firms to be processed and rendered into visual maps that can be analyzed before being returned to storage. Once prepared, it must again be shared across your organization’s departments, experts, and endpoints. This data also must be transferred to backup storage for disaster recovery.

Across the workflow, big data is always travelling great distances – and waiting for transfers is an unacceptable and costly inconvenience. That’s where FileCatalyst comes in.

FileCatalyst Solutions

The FileCatalyst Benefits

  • On-the-Fly Compression: On-the-fly compression and incremental transfers maximize transfer speeds, even on unreliable and remote networks.

  • Full Tracking Capabilities: Efficiently manage your deployment with transfer notifications via email or SNMP traps, near real-time reports and more.

  • Easy Integration: Easily integrate FileCatalyst into your infrastructure and enable automated data transfers from remote areas.

  • Reduced IT Costs: FileCatalyst’s simple deployment and administration optimizes your already existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for unnecessary or costly upgrades.

  • Easily Distribute Data: With FileCatalyst, you can quickly and securely distribute data across the WAN to your on-premises storage, off-premises data centers as well as public, or private, clouds.

  • Quickly Back Up Data: Quickly move and maintain offsite backups with FileCatalyst. Hopefully, disaster won’t strike, but if it does – FileCatalyst has you covered.

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FileCatalyst & NICE Software

Learn how NICE Software integrated FileCatalyst enhance their EnginFrame Grid Portal technology.

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FileCatalyst Helps the Natural Resources Industry

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How Fast File Transfer Helps Natural Resources Companies

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