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Military departments, government agencies, and contractors transfer confidential and time-sensitive information on a regular basis. There any many challenges and barriers to secure and fast file transfers, especially when using ad-hoc file transfer methods for sensitive military and government data exchange:

  • Large data sets can be slow to deliver
  • Files must be protected during transit
  • Tracking delivered or received files is next to impossible

How FileCatalyst Improves File Transfer Acceleration and Security

Government agencies and military departments at every level need to exchange information efficiently and securely across various departments, as well as to external agencies.

These transactions occur across a variety of network links that span numerous territories. Fast file transfer solutions, like FileCatalyst, help to:

  • Easily access secure information
  • Prepare off-site disaster recovery backups
  • Share video from active military sites
  • And more, all without the heavy IT administration

FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer infrastructure ensures simple file transfers that keep processes moving smoothly.

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Fast File Transfer for Military and Government

The FileCatalyst Benefits

  • Unparalleled Security: Industry-standard AES and SSL encryption ensure that confidential intelligence, strategies, and other critical information remain classified.

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: Accelerated transfer speeds allow for quick and easy interdepartmental and inter-organizational collaboration – from any location.

  • Optimized Bandwidth: Be it remote government departments, or intelligence from locations with unreliable links, FileCatalyst’s optimized bandwidth usage increases reliability and speeds across poor network conditions, wherever they may be.

  • Simple User Interface: FileCatalyst’s simple user interface streamlines the transfer process between departments and agencies so every user can effectively transfer files quickly.

  • Easy Administration: Government agencies have a large volume of departments and users. FileCatalyst allows administrators to manage user permissions and other tasks with ease.

  • Track and Monitor Deliveries: If military or government information fell into the wrong hands, the consequences could be catastrophic. FileCatalyst tracks every file transfer performed.

United Nations and FileCatalyst

“FileCatalyst Direct brought us up to speed on file transfers, allowing us to transfer files that once took hours in minutes.”

Jose Villegas, Collaboration Systems Administrator Explains

How FileCatalyst Helps Military and Government File Transfers

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Secure File Transfer for Military & Government

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