The Flexibility to Move Data Easily

As technology progresses, opportunities in healthcare and life sciences arise at every step to help advance patient care, improve quality of life and create specialized healthcare for each patient’s unique need. But, with every opportunity comes challenges. The challenges that healthcare and life science organizations face today is simply moving and managing the data driving these discoveries and advancements.

The amount of data captured in healthcare and life sciences is astounding – and growing every day. From multiple terabyte ultra high def microscopic imagery to full genomic sequences taking up hundreds of gigabytes, this the crucial information creates massive datasets. This challenge will continue to grow as Stanford Health estimates that 2,314 exabytes (one exabyte = one billion gigabytes) will be produced in 2020.

Not only does this data need to be captured, stored and archived; it also needs to be shared with a wide variety of organizations and professionals across the globe. It’s near impossible to send data of this size and sensitivity securely or reliably via traditional FTP-based solutions such as HTTP and TCP. At peak performance, these methods of transfer remain slow, sometimes taking days per single transfer. Latency and packet loss only make this challenge greater, creating an inefficient, insecure and unreliable workflow.

Technology and data aren’t just coming in the form of studies; patients themselves are contributing to this large influx. To provide a more personalized and tailored patient experience, rich patient histories made up of wearable and EMR records are being captured at an unprecedented level. Due to the sensitive nature of this data, it can’t be left open to the risk and exposure of a traditional file transfer method.

To ease these burdens and allow professionals to focus on their work, FileCatalyst’s software suite provides fast file transfer solutions that can easily send files of this size at unprecedented speeds. FileCatalyst also ensures the security and integrity of data with transfer methods and security features that are fully HIPPA compliant. With a fast file transfer solution that can reach multi-gigabit speeds, medical workflows can become exponentially faster, more secure and more reliable.

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How FileCatalyst Fits Into Healthcare & Life Sciences

FileCatalyst Direct at a glance

  • Transfer large genomic and multi-dimensional renderings hundreds of times faster than FTP.
  • Maximize your corporate infrastructure with up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds.
  • Keep records safe with industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Transfer directly to private & public clouds.
  • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart.
  • Web-based transfer and administration tools.

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FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

  • Share research, datasets and more with a customizable Web portal.
  • Online file sharing facilitates collaboration and synchronization.
  • Automated archiving and file deletion.
  • Customizable metadata fields.
  • Flexible authentication possibilities with LDAP/AD, SSO, Multi-Factor, or built-in.
  • Automated job submissions and other transactions via FileCatalyst HotFolder.

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FileCatalyst Central at a glance

  • View and prioritize ongoing transfers in real time.
  • Create custom file transfer reports.
  • Remotely configure individual nodes.
  • Remotely initiate node to node transfers.
  • Create SNMP traps or email alarms.
  • Monitor the health of your deployment with alarms.

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

FileCatalyst transfers are protected with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL, to ensure HIPPA compliance.
Collaborate on R&D projects more efficiently by sharing large data sets at speeds of up to 10 Gbps with unmatched reliability and security.
With FileCatalyst’s Delta Transfers feature, only parts of a file that have changed at the source will transfer to the destination, exponentially.
Use FileCatalyst’s blazing speeds to easily more and distribute bioinformatics to remote locations.

In Healthcare, sending critical information can be the difference between life and death. FileCatalyst’s solutions will give you peace of mind with our reliable transfer technology.

3D and 4D medical images can generate huge file sizes. Move them confidently with FileCatalyst’s patented UDP protocol.

MDDX And FileCatalyst

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