Ottawa, ON – FileCatalyst, an Emmy® award-winning pioneer in managed file transfers and a world leading accelerated file transfer solution, has added GTC as a new channel partner to their growing network of channel partners.

GTC is a Portuguese company with offices in Libson and Porto. They are committed to providing innovative solutions and products to their customers of all sizes. They boast an outstanding record of satisfaction, as well as excellent customer service, gained over two decades in the industry. This reputation has allowed them to develop a strong network of customers throughout the region. GTC And FileCatalyst have announced that GTC will now carry, promote and sell FileCatalyst products as a part of their solution offerings.

This partnership allows GTC to carry the entire FileCatalyst suite of accelerated file transfer solutions, FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst Workflow and FileCatalyst Central. They will provide FileCatalyst to their customers in Portugal, as well as other Portuguese speaking African countries. FileCatalyst provides reliable and secure accelerated file transfer solutions that are immune to the common bottlenecks of transfer speeds such as packet loss and latency. No matter what connection is in place, FileCatalyst provides maximum line speeds – which can reach speeds of up to 10Gbps.

“We are always looking to expand our presence across European markets, and we are happy to have GTC assist us in these efforts by providing our accelerated transfer solutions to Portuguese speaking regions,” says Alan Atkinson, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing for FileCatalyst. “GTC is a well-respected media and broadcast solutions provider and we are looking forward to working with them.”

“Our customers have been very clear in requesting a solution that can provide reliable and secure accelerated file transfers. We feel that FileCatalyst’s suite of solutions will not only meet the requirements of our customers, but also provide features that will attract new users,” says Marco Azevedo, Project Manager for GTC.

For those who want to learn more about FileCatalyst’s solutions, and are attending IBC 2017, FileCatalyst will be exhibiting at IBC 2017 (September 15-19, 2017) in Hall 7, Booth B21. They will be showcasing their entire solution portfolio, as well as providing live demos of their products.

About FileCatalyst

Located in Ottawa, Canada, a pioneer in managed file transfers and an Emmy® award winning leader of accelerated file transfer solutions. Founded in 2000, the company has more than one thousand customers in media & entertainment, energy & mining, gaming, and printing, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as military and government organizations. FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably. FileCatalyst is immune to the effects that latency and packet loss have on traditional file transfer methods like FTP, HTTP, or CIFS. Global organizations use FileCatalyst to solve issues related to file transfer, including content distribution, file sharing, and offsite backups. To learn more visit or on Twitter @FileCatalyst.

About GTC

Founded in 1989, GTC is an integrator of technological solutions for the Television, Radio and Multimedia industry with delegations in Lisbon and Porto. Based on a strategy of differentiation and committed to providing excellent service that is powered by innovative products and solutions, GTC has a unique ability to develop competencies and add value to its customers’ business. GTC’s know-how accumulated over the last two decades of experience and participation in several national and international projects, along with a remarkable technical and engineering team, has contributed to our success and growth in an extremely competitive market where innovation is the basis for the continuity. The GTC embraces this adventure of participating in a universe of constantly evolving video and digital communication, with the aim of contributing to a more global and increasingly competitive world.