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Enterprises may be large, but they aren’t immune to the growing challenge of moving large amounts of data across the WAN to multiple recipients across globally dispersed offices. Without a solution like FileCatalyst, the process is slow and unreliable, especially when using FTP and email attachments as primary transfer tools.

High-Performance Computing (HPC), has also been taking the tech world by storm; and these new advancements and breakthroughs have allowed businesses to gather new insights from the massive amounts of data they generate. Across a variety of IT-related industries, and more, have begun to leverage the power of HPC to process and analyze data at a much faster pace. There is still a challenge, however, how is that data efficiently and securely transferred to and from HPC facilities?

FileCatalyst’s software suite is ideally suited for global enterprise IT scenarios. FileCatalyst can accelerate file transfers between cities, countries, and even continents with a patented UDP-based protocol. Enterprises rely on FileCatalyst’s solutions to streamline their file transfer processes, set the proper controls for tracking files within an organization, and protect their data when distributing it.

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How FileCatalyst Fits Into Enterprise IT

FileCatalyst Direct at a glance

Move backups and images and other data in a flash with up to 10 Gbps speeds using FileCatalyst Direct.

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FileCatalyst Workflow at a glance

Get the true look and feel of your enterprise with the highly customizable FileCatalyst Workflow.

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FileCatalyst Central at a glance

Be an IT hero by remotely configuring nodes and initiating fast file transfers with FileCatalyst Central.

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The FileCatalyst Benefits

FileCatalyst provides a quick ROI in terms of man-hours, data leak prevention and infrastructure costs

FileCatalyst’s highly customizable platform allows for easy, seamless integration into your existing enterprise software.

Secure file transfers and protect transferred files with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL
Fine-grained bandwidth controls allow administrators to quickly assign more bandwidth where it’s needed, and less where it isn’t.
Using FileCatalyst Central, administrators can access and manage their deployment from a web browser.
Gain instant insight into critical transfers with near real-time reporting. Reports can be based on a node, group or session level.

FileCatalyst & NICE Software

Learn how NICE Software integrated FileCatalyst enhance their EnginFrame Grid Portal technology.

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