FileCatalyst is excited to announce our latest product release in our Emmy® award winning product line – FileCatalyst Direct 3.5. FileCatalyst Direct – the company’s flagship product – is a suite of client and server applications that perform point-to-point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. The latest version, FileCatalyst Direct 3.5, offers new file transfer capabilities including external file system support, extended support for dynamically growing files and and improved user experience and more!


FileCatalyst 3.5 is now fully integrated with – and can save data directly to – Amazon S3, the popular online file storage offered by Amazon Web Services, making it easier than ever for users to share their large media files in the cloud as opposed to having to store files on premise. In addition, we are working on an integration with Microsoft Azure Blob, which will soon be previewed.

Another benefit of our software is it allows users to send growing files, which is key for users in the media and broadcasting industry who want to broadcast live events. This latest release offers extended support for dynamic files. The software compensates for potential file transfer errors that can occur with other file transfer software. These errors arise when dealing with files that don’t grow sequentially or require concurrent modification by 3rd party tools while they are being transferred. FileCatalyst 3.5 handles these issues seamlessly and can retransfer portions of a file that have been modified once the file transfer is complete. It can scale up to transfer of hundreds of these types of files concurrently, making it the ideal solution for large scale live events with multiple feeds.

You can learn more about FileCatalyst Direct 3.5 here, and if you want to experience FileCatalyst for yourself, sign up today for a free trial!