Part of Aski-da Taldea group, Woody Technologies provides innovative media processing solutions to media industry actors since 2013. Major broadcasters around the world use Woody Technologies software daily to streamline their ingest, outgest and transcoding workflows, saving time and resources to focus on added value tasks. The FileCatalyst and Woody Technologies Integration allows users to leverage accelerated file transfer technology when ingesting and distributing media. Woody Technologies headquarters is located in Paris, France, with offices in Los Angeles, U.S.A, and Zürich, Switzerland. For more information about Woody Technologies solutions, visit 


The ingestion and distribution of content is a crucial factor in any media workflow. With geo-diverse collaboration becoming the norm in the media world, users find themselves in various remote locations around the world and needing to send their content back to HQ. 

When using FTP-based solutions, sending raw materials or edited files back to HQ can become time-consuming and a primary constraint to the entire process. Woody Technologies provides a wide range of services and solutions for the media industry ranging from ingesting content, formatting content, and distributing content.


The Woody solution suite includes Woody in2it, Woody Outgest, and Woody Ingest. Woody in2it is a favorite tool for camera cards, and other types of file-based ingest tasks in any Media Asset Management (MAM) system. Woody Outgest automates transfers from Avid® Interplay|Production environments to archive, playout, and web. Woody Ingest automates both transcoding and ingest tasks across multiple environments.

FileCatalyst’s world-famous Emmy® award-winning file transfer solution is available for all 3 Woody solutions. This collaboration allows users to leverage accelerated transfers when ingesting and distributing processed media. Users can leverage this innovation across multi-site architectures as well as on the field when connections can be unstable and slow.

The FileCatalyst and Woody Technologies integration gives users get a better overall experience that streamlines and accelerates production workflows. FileCatalyst’s integration with Woody in2it, Woody Ingest, and Woody Outgest offer complete end-to-end accelerated workflows.

Use Cases

Remote Ingest to a Production Asset Management (PAM) or Media Asset Management (MAM) System

The FileCatalyst and Woody Technologies Integration
The FileCatalyst and Woody Technologies Integration
  1. A field reporter or someone at a local office previews, selects, and indexes content using the intuitive, and customizable, Woody in2it web user interface.
  2. Woody in2it analyses all of the clips and performs transcoding, rewrapping or other media processing tasks.
  3. Woody in2it controls FileCatalyst Transfer Agent to send the raw material, or edited material, to the central facility where Woody Ingest publishes the content in the Production Asset Management or Media Asset Management

Transfer from an Avid Environment to Archive, Playout or Web

  1. Woody Outgest detects sequences, clips or subclips in an Avid Interplay|Production watchfolder
  2. Media Files are rewrapped or transcoded from Avid MXF OpAtom to another format and metadata is
  3. extracted from Avid Interplay and Avid iNews
  4. Media and metadata are transferred to the distant site through FileCatalyst Transfer Agent


  • Greatly reduced transfer times
  • Easy collaboration across multiple sites
  • Metadata is preserved through the entire workflow
  • Directly ingest from the field to the MAM/PAM of your choice
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