TVU Networks is a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. TVU’s solutions help transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations – which include acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution, and management – to an IP-based infrastructure. TVU serves customers of all sizes in more than 85 countries from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, corporate, and government. In broadcast markets around the world including the USA, China, and other major economic powers, TVU is the dominant market leader with a large majority of all news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions, which includes the award-winning TVU One mobile live cellular transmitter. Using its proprietary IS+ technology, TVU’s uplink solutions use any combination of cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet IP connections to deliver live HD video from practically any location. For more information about TVU Networks solutions, please visit The FileCatalyst and TVU Networks integration provides greatly increased transfer speeds to broadcasters moving content from the field to any endpoint. 


TVU Networks specializes in IP-based live video solutions and helps transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations – which include acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution, and management – to an IP-based infrastructure.

TVU Network’s TVU Router is designed to provide high bandwidth internet connectivity and/or private network access to broadcasters working in the field. TVU Router’s unmatched high bandwidth IP connection works by aggregating and maximizing the use of multiple available communication links, ensuring true channel aggregation, resulting in higher available bandwidth and network acceleration. With TVU Router, users can transfer and receive files, stream video and search the web from any laptop or mobile device.

As media files become larger, more varied, and rendered into different playback formats, broadcasters are challenged with sharing, editing and distributing their content across multiple locations around the globe. FTP and TCP suffer the negative effects of packet loss and latency, which makes these transfers unacceptably slow for broadcasters.


TVU Network’s TVU Router combined FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst’s flagship solution that accelerates file transfers, regardless of type or size, to speeds of up to 10 Gbps, into their TVU Router solution.

By leveraging FileCatalyst and the TVU Router, broadcasters are provided with a high bandwidth IP connection that aggregates and maximizes the use of multiple available connections. Transfers are performed hundreds of times faster than traditional transfer methods, which is especially beneficial for broadcasters sharing breaking news and event footage.  

Use Case

FileCatalyst used in conjunction with TVU Networks TVU Router is the ideal solution for use cases including, but not limited to:

  • Broadcasters in the field
  • Law enforcement agencies transferring video surveillance data
  • Live event broadcasting
  • Houses of worship
  • Sports broadcasting


  • Exponentially increased upload and download speeds – up to 10 Gbps
  • Reliable transfers result in predictable delivery times and less downtime
  • Users can send files at full line speeds, regardless of size or format
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