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Scale Logic Inc. is a value-added global distribution company focused on storage and networking infrastructures. Scale Logic brings value to partners by building a suite of products and services to help scale their business effectively and efficiently. The sales and technical team are seasoned veterans with over 25 years of experience in developing, deploying, and supporting high performance digital file-based high-performance. Logic, Inc. has developed strategic relationships around RAID, Scale-Out, NAS, SAN, and data protection technology that focuses on logical solutions to complex storage needs in the Media and Entertainment industry. Their consultative approach offers our customers options that consider performance, reliability, scalability, and budget.


During the post-production and quality control processes, files are constantly moving between the user, department or facility. Video files are commonly large files, but as 4K, 8K and other HDR formats emerge, it makes moving content a real challenge for broadcast companies.

Not only are these files hard to move across the WAN, but they also need to be processed and distributed under very hard deadlines. Workflows leveraging file transfer solutions that rely on TCP simply can’t accomplish these tasks as efficiently, since any form of packet loss or latency has detrimental effects on transfer speeds.


To overcome these challenges and boost efficiency, Scale Logic has integrated FileCatalyst’s UDP-based fast file transfer solutions into their HyperFS global file system, as well as their file-level product, Scale-Out NAS Gateway.

FileCatalyst’s UDP-based fast file transfer technology allows files to be transferred across the WAN at speeds of up to 10Gbps, regardless of the transfer distance or file size.

The SLI Genesis IAP archive server also serves as a FileCatalyst Server when moving data to the HyperFS online production file system. This greatly reduces the hardware footprint for facilities.

Integration Benefits

The benefits of integrating FileCatalyst with SLI HyperFS archiving products is that not only does FileCatalyst provide users with faster transfer speeds, but it also provides them with more predictable bandwidth.

This creates both time and cost savings, and brings more predictability to project and deadline planning. The FileCatalyst solution is immune to latency and packet loss when transferring large files.

While other methods of file transfer are unable to keep up with the increasing size of files, FileCatalyst ensures the secure transfer of files, no matter what size or format.

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