Lesspain Software, based in Germany’s greater Frankfurt area and Berlin, specializes in the development of tools and libraries for media professionals and offers highly specialized consulting services to key customers in the areas of video engineering, media workflows, and media asset management. Their new product, Kyno, is a productivity desktop application for Mac, aimed at filmmakers, video journalists, media agencies and other video professionals. The FileCatalyst and Kyno Integration adds the ability to define elaborate acceptance rules for folders being monitored byFileCatalyst HotFolder.


Organizations working with large numbers of media assets, usually in multiple formats, are faced with the challenge of organizing this data effectively and extracting it efficiently when used for projects. Creating folder structures to organize these assets is one way of managing the data, but it can become complex and time-consuming.

When the time comes to find and retrieve assets for projects, searchability may be limited to only file-based metadata such as file extension, date and size. Organizations need the ability to perform content-based searches in order to maximize productivity.


The FileCatalyst and Kyno Integration incorporates a plugin that adds the ability to define elaborate acceptance rules for folders being monitored by FileCatalyst HotFolder. Built on top of the same technology as the award-winning media management app Kyno, the plugin makes powerful metadata extraction readily available to FileCatalyst based workflows through the HotFolder.  

Operators can use criteria like video or audio codec, frame rate, scan type (interlaced/progressive), bitrate, resolution, duration, number of audio tracks and technical metadata to define filter rules. These rules can be constructed using a simple-to-use but powerful query language that includes range queries and boolean logic.

The FileCatalyst Kyno plugin understands all the descriptive metadata of Kyno. That means filter rules can combine technical metadata as described above with metadata added in during the review or ingest process. This metadata may include ratings, tags, descriptions and more. This combination allows your organization to implement elaborate ingest and transfer workflows in a very pragmatic and cost-effective way by combining the strengths of those two industry-leading products.

Examples of Queries Used with the FileCatalyst Kyno Plugin:


  • Accelerated transfer speeds – up to 10Gbps
  • Seamless integration between file organization workflows (e.g. QC) with Kyno and FileCatalyst
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