FileCatalyst’s Integration with Evolphin Enables Fast File Transfer Capabilities from directly within Evolphon’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform Zoom


In the media and broadcast space, content delivery has traditionally been a friction point that can lead to inefficiency and long wait times. As resolutions increase and new technologies are adopted, file sizes tend to dramatically increase in size, thus making this challenge even greater as innovation moves forward.

While a wide variety of options are available, they all come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. One weakness common to almost all file transfer solutions is the underlying technology: the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP was not designed with file sizes of this magnitude (multi-gigabyte) in mind, and it has created major bottlenecks in terms of efficiency. From Round Trip Time (RTT) to packet loss and latency, large media files may take hours – or days – to transfer successfully via traditional FTP-based methods. And as the distance between endpoints increases, this weakness is amplified as transfer speeds decrease significantly across the WAN.


To overcome their challenges surrounding content delivery, Evolphin has integrated FileCatalyst Direct into its flagship Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform, Zoom. FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that accelerate point-to-point file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. These speeds are achieved via their patented UDP-based fast file transfer protocol, which overcomes the speed degradation that packet loss, RTT, and latency have on FTP-based file transfers.

This integration allows Zoom users to trigger FileCatalyst-powered transfers within the Zoom platform itself. Users can leverage FileCatalyst’s Emmy award-winning technology to send high-res media either on demand or on ingest, keeping content across multiple locations in sync.

This functionality acts as an addition to Evolphin’s powerful video proxy workflow, which allows remote video editors to access and work with full resolution content. FileCatalyst enhances this process and allows the workflow to perform on a global scale since FileCatalyst’s UDP-based protocol is immune to speed degradation caused by packet loss and latency across long-haul transfers.


With this integration, Zoom users are able to overcome the all too common challenge of sending large media files across the internet and FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer technology guarantees that every file transfer is successful. Evan Michals, VP Video Product Management at Evolphin, when speaking of the integration, said, “With their flexible integration options and decade of experience in fast file transfers, we knew that FileCatalyst would be a perfect fit, and they were our first choice.”

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