Dell EMC is a trusted leader in media and entertainment storage for content creators, broadcasters, and content delivery providers. Dell EMC storage forms the foundation of a simple and future-proof infrastructure, giving you the agility to transform business operations, and the flexibility to adapt to new media workflows. Through innovative products and services, Dell EMC accelerates the creation and monetization of media, helping media professionals store, manage, protect, and analyze their most valuable digital media assets. The FileCatalyst and Dell EMC Integration allows users to accelerate digital workflows in Media & Entertainment

For Media Professionals, the Quick Exchange of Large Media Files is Crucial

HD and the up-and-coming UHD video formats have caused media files to skyrocket in size. Moving these files through a tapeless workflow means file transfers become a bottleneck. Outdated methods of file transfer like FTP are not able to keep up, often leading to corrupted files or never-ending transfers. Fast, secure, and reliable delivery of files is crucial for media organizations to stay efficient.

FTP is Not for the Modern Age

Using FTP utilities to transfer digital content poses several issues—pointing to a need for a better file transfer solution within media workflows. One critical challenge associated with FTP is the slow rate of transfer, meaning delivery between media organizations takes many hours. Even after these lengthy transfers, FTP tools can often leave files incomplete or corrupt. In addition, FTP tools have no asset management capabilities.

Optimizing File Transfers

To overcome TCP/IP bottlenecks and optimize file transfer workflows, a more efficient option for digital delivery is required, and the FileCatalyst and Dell EMC Integration provides a solution to these challenges

File transfer acceleration is possible through two complementary but separate methods: optimizing throughput and reducing the amount of data that requires a transfer. FileCatalyst’s incredibly efficient UDP-based protocol can achieve speeds up to thousands of times faster than FTP, even on connections with high latency and packet loss. FileCatalyst employs several techniques, such as filtering, transfer cache, and incremental transfers, to reduce data down to the minimum required amount, further reducing transfer time.

The FileCatalyst platform also offers security, reliability, and automation that is simply not included in a pure FTP solution.

Accelerate Your Digital Assets

The FileCatalyst Direct and DELL EMC integration with Isilon creates a highly scalable and secure central storage pool that is immune to poor network conditions. Users may send and receive files across the globe at full line speed, up to 10 Gbps and thousands of times faster than FTP.

The FileCatalyst & Isilon Integration

FileCatalyst and DELL EMC Isilon are leaders in providing media organizations with uniquely integrated, future-proof solutions that enable efficient transport and content storage. Ready access to media files is essential for processing and viewing on multiple platforms, a requirement for media delivery and related emerging technologies. By eliminating single point failures with DELL EMC Isilon cluster storage, file delivery becomes seamless to the end user.

The integration also supports Dell ECS object storage, giving users access to our fast file transfer technology from anywhere in the world by leveraging FileCatalyst Server. The integration allows users to mount Dell EMC ECS storage as a file system. With the ability to mount object storage, users can perform any FileCatalyst function as if the object storage was a traditional file system.

The solution consists of FileCatalyst software installed on off-the-shelf IT servers attached to Isilon scale-out storage.


  • Reduce production cycles with the quick transmission of large format media files
  • Increase reliability of file transfers and optimize bandwidth usage even in poor network conditions
  • Secure file transfers with industry-standard AES and SSL encryption
  • Transfer files in parallel with encoding
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