Founded in 2005, Caringo is committed to helping customers unlock the value of their data and solve issues associated with data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, eliminates the need to migrate data into disparate solutions for long-term preservation, delivery, and analysis—radically reducing total cost of ownership. Today, Caringo Swarm Cloud and Object Storage Platform is the foundation for simple, bulletproof, limitless storage solutions for Texas Tech University Systems, NEP, iQ Media, the Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, Telefónica, British Telecom,, Johns Hopkins University and hundreds more worldwide. Visit or on Twitter @CaringoStorage to learn more. The FileCatalyst And Caringo Integration accelerates file transfers & enables long-term access to storage.

Problems Faced by Content Creators & Service Providers

As the size and amount of files continue to increase and become more dispersed across remote locations, especially in the media and entertainment space, there is an urgent need for more efficient file transfer, management, and storage solutions.

As a content creator or service provider, the value in an application is determined by how quickly and easily digital media assets can be delivered to an audience. A poor end-user experience causes lost viewers in a highly competitive space; spending too much on infrastructure can quickly deplete capital and resources.

Conventional clients that use HTTP suffer from the inherent issues of TCP such as latency and packet loss that greatly affect transfer speeds. Trying to design a solution can quickly become a resource-intensive and costly undertaking.

How M&E Pros are Solving Transfer Issues

FileCatalyst And Caringo Integration
FileCatalyst And Caringo Integration

Caringo Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform with FileCatalyst is a proven solution that provides massively scalable storage with direct HTTP access. Large file transfers are radically simplified, as well as content storage and delivery—all while reducing costs.

Caringo’s software-defined storage transforms commodity servers into a massively scalable storage solution. By integrating FileCatalyst’s high-speed file transmission technology into their solutions, Caringo is positioned to ensure fast, secure and reliable delivery of media files.

Because of this tight integration, almost every function of FileCatalyst performed on a physical storage medium can also be performed on Swarm object storage. Content is accessed through the entire FileCatalyst client suite, so there is no need for special tools or scripts.

Ideal For

  • Media Ingest: Move data from remote locations to Caringo storage
  • Archive/Data Protection: Migrate or replicate data to remote locations for data protection
  • Collaboration: Synchronize information on Swarm nodes that are geographically distributed for follow-the-sun (FTS) workflows


  • FileCatalyst uploads content directly via UDP
  • Caringo Swarm reduces storage TCO 75%
  • Caringo Swarm delivers built-in protection, replication & high availability
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