The FileCatalyst and BATON integration accelerates file-based QC workflows, ensuring the reliable and secure delivery of digital media content to customers.

Solution Overview:

  • Seamlessly accelerates the movement of digital media in distributed QC workflows
  • Transfer large amounts of data at speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • Secure and reliable solution using AES industry standard encryption
  • Automates quality checks of digital media content thereby reducing manual QC
  • Most comprehensive quality checks in the industry
  • Enterprise-wide scalability
    • Verification efficiency
    • High availability
  • Integration with leading technology partners

BATON File-based QC Solution with FileCatalyst

File-based digital media has the potential for content monetization and operational efficiencies. Content monetization potential increases with a growing list of target consumer platforms. Operational efficiency improves when correct content is assured, guaranteed despite multiple transformations across various stages of the content lifecycle.

The content needs to be repeatedly verified for Quality Control (QC) extending beyond basic QC to Enterprise QC. Enterprise QC includes Comprehensive Quality Checks to verify a wide variety of content transformations as well as Enterprise Scalability to handle any content on any platform without interruptions. Interra Systems’ BATON is the industry’s leading enterprise-class file-based QC solution. BATON has been deployed in production use by global media companies of all sizes. Major broadcasters, post-production houses, IPTV, satellite and archiving companies use BATON for QC every day for its thorough list of quality checks and enterprise-wide scalability.

FileCatalyst provides the ability to send digital content securely and reliably at accelerated rates, resulting in transfers that used to take hours or days happening in minutes regardless of file size or format. The software’s patent-pending UDP-based technology executes transfers at rates up to 10 Gbps despite potential network impairments, such as latency or packet loss, which ensures file quality throughout the quality control workflow.

The FileCatalyst and BATON integration seamlessly automates QC workflows by accelerating content uploads to BATON for quality checks. BATON then ensures readiness across all stages of the workflow before delivering the highest quality content to the customers. The FileCatalyst and BATON integration provides accelerated workflows at the fastest speeds possible for large digital media content transfers.

The following figure illustrates how the BATON file-based QC solution works with FileCatalyst.

BATON and FileCatalyst’s Integration Highlights

BATON’s integration with FileCatalyst ensures content readiness across a media production workflow. In the workflow, BATON QC can be set to start automatically as soon as content is repurposed.

Key Features

  • Simplified and a very user-friendly interface
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • User management & access control
  • Task scheduling & monitoring
  • Hybrid QC platform with a combination of automated & manual QC checks on content
  • Extensive time code related checks including start TC / discontinuity / GOP / LTC, VITC and more
  • Supports SD, HD, UHD, 4K Mixed workflows
  • Supports S3, Spectrum, AMP, Avid Interplay and Google Cloud Servers
  • Rich reporting features:
    • Multi-language reports
    • Multi-view reports in HTML, XML, PDF and Excel
    • Reports based on analytics, timeline, content structure and thumbnails
    • Incremental reports of tasks in progress
    • Compact reports to analyze verification summary
    • Options to comment, tag, rate and compare reports
    • Configurable e-mail, HTTP alerts including SNMP
  • Assess the health of BATON environment through an intuitive interface
  • Configurable alerts
  • Built-in test plans for various Standards and Workflows such as DPP, iTunes, Netflix, Cable Labs, ARD_ZDF, Ingest, Playout and more
  • Compliance with media standards and regulatory requirements
  • Quick content profiling without verification
  • Detect the language of the audio tracks
  • BMP lists manual quality checks enabled in the Test Plan, allowing users to add necessary errors, as well as mark each manual task as reviewed
  • Comprehensive online help


  • Slash storage costs and eliminate complexities
  • Accelerate storage performance for data-intensive applications
  • Move multi-gigabyte files in and out of the cloud in minutes or seconds
  • Reduce risk and exposure to data loss
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