FileCatalyst Direct is a fast file transfer solution that provides accelerated, secure and reliable file transfers within Avid’s MediaCentral platform.


Capturing footage in high-resolution formats such as 4K, 8K and beyond has become commonplace. Editors and loggers working with video footage would need to either be on-site or have it shipped to their location. The further an event is from the production house, the more challenging this workflow becomes.

Avid’s solutions support distributed deployments, letting editors collaborate on media across geographically dispersed endpoints. Avid’s MediaCentral solution supports file transfers via traditional methods, like FTP, within Production Management and Asset Management.

The issue with FTP, however, is that as the transfer distance grows; the slower the transfer becomes. This is a crucial factor when dealing with live events where time is of the essence. For workflows with multiple Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management deployments, sharing content can be extremely painful if the endpoints are a great distance from each other geographically.

As more users adopt remote workflows with faster internet speeds, being able to perform work within a browser is crucial. With Avid Cloud UX, users can work on any media asset straight from within a browser. With workflows of this nature, the challenge then becomes moving this content into MediaCentral via FTP.


FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer technology, available within Avid’s solutions, allows users to send large media files in a matter of minutes, with speeds reaching up to 10Gbps. FileCatalyst also has the ability to transfer growing files – which is critical when shooting live footage. FileCatalyst’s Avid integrations streamline multi-site workflows by enabling editors and producers to easily transfer media, sequences and shot lists between workgroups from directly within Avid MediaComposer.

FileCatalyst’s MediaCentral | Cloud UX integration enables faster ingests and exports for large media assets from directly within an Avid environment thanks to FileCatalyst’s new Cloud UX Panel.

For distributed Avid environments, FileCatalyst has developed a plug-in that replaces the default FTP transfer mechanism within Avid MediaCentral | Production Management.

FileCatalyst has also been integrated into the Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management File Transfer Kit, providing access to fast file transfer technology from within Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management.

Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX Integration

FileCatalyst’s MediaCentral | Cloud UX integration enables faster ingests and exports for large media assets from directly within an Avid environment. This has been made possible thanks to FileCatalyst’s new Cloud UX Panel, which is used to upload files to a FileCatalyst Server where they can be quickly ingested into MediaCentral using any ingest tool.

Capturing Live Events with a Remote Editing Workflow

With FileCatalyst’s Avid integration, editors can work remotely on content captured at a live event with unprecedented efficiency. As the footage is being recorded, a low-resolution proxy is generated from the high-resolution file. This growing proxy is continuously transferred to the post-production facility where editors can create cuts in near real-time using Avid MediaComposer. The edits are then sent back to the capture location via an EDL file.

The hi-resolution file conforms to the EDL file and hi-resolution clips are generated in a folder. FileCatalyst HotFolder, a desktop application installed on the end user’s machine for file transfer automation, then monitors and automatically sends clips at speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP (up to 10Gbps). FileCatalyst’s TransferAgent is also used to facilitate transfers between multiple deployments.

TransferController Plugin for Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management

With FileCatalyst’s TransferController plugin for Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management, users simply select a file or folder of assets and select the Avid MediaCentral | Asset Management destination and FileCatalyst’s patented acceleration technology then sends the chosen assets at full line speed.

FileCatalyst Avid MediaCentral | Delivery Accelerator Plug-in

The new FileCatalyst Avid MediaCentral Delivery Accelerator plugin is designed to allow seamless delivery of files across multiple distributed Avid MediaCentral systems over the WAN.

Users simply select a destination, and the file will be sent at the maximum possible speed using the patented FileCatalyst UDP based Technology. The new Avid Interplay plugin also allows better control of the overall bandwidth being used.

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