Fast File Transfer

Now more than ever, businesses are presented with a major challenge: they need a solution to share files, fast. However, not all fast file sharing solutions transfer your files at the same speed. The size of the file, the end-point locations, the path, the devices, firewalls, network systems, and encryption needs can all constrain your file speed.

What is Fast File Transfer?

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Fast file transfer offers increased efficiency and productivity through the use of file transfer acceleration technology. File transfer acceleration solutions move data using custom protocols, often built on top of UDP, and in lieu of the traditional TCP method. Fast file transfer solutions allow for the speed and agility of UDP and TCP with reduced delays and increased reliability.

In addition, fast file transfer can perform single archive transfers where multiple files can be zipped into a single archive and transferred via a single file. That file is then automatically unzipped upon reaching its destination. Multiple network connections can be utilized to send more files at once throughout the transfer process.

Fast file transfer solutions should also be able to utilize a directory streaming feature that allows users to start the file transfer immediately. This essentially allows users to start sending files before running through the entire directory. As soon as one file is discovered, file transfer begins. Throughout that file transfer process and when UDP is not possible due to network restriction, multi-stream TCP file transfer begins which sends multiple parts of the file over multiple TCP streams.

File Transfer Speed Calculator

FileCatalyst is all about speed. For all organizations, speed translates to time and time to speed. In an effort to communicate what FileCatalyst is capable of, a file transfer speed calculator was created to generate a test of averages within specific environments.

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Experiment with the FileCatalyst file transfer speed calculator with inputs of different locations and file transfer loads to learn more about how FileCatalyst can execute the quickest file transfer times and impact an organization’s bottom line.

Whether an organization is transferring 1 GB of data from Sydney to New York (1 min and 27 seconds of transfer time) or from Tokyo to Rio Di Janeiro (also 1 min and 27 seconds of transfer time), FileCatalyst completes file transfers at an accelerated rate that performs more effectively than most TCP software. 

Send Large Files Faster

UDP-based technology allows for file transfers that are hundreds of times faster than traditional FTPs with a file sharing speed that exceeds 10 Gbps.

For example, using standard file transfer protocols, a 1 TB file transfer from London to Vancouver might take upwards of 27 days. With a fast file transfer solution, the same transfer only takes a single day. Fast file transfer addresses a few major issues that regular file transfer solutions can’t, including using bandwidth more efficiently and executing file transfer processes more accurately. Fast file transfer solutions deal with large file transfer and long-distance file transfers much more effectively as well.

It’s important to the Fortra team that organizations receive the fastest large file transfer tool possible. There will always be some level of concern about the size of large data files and how long it will take to transfer them. To achieve the fastest transfers for large files, many fast file transfer solutions employ protocols that address extreme file sizes. Some, like FileCatalyst, employ strong measures for extreme file transfer. This allows organizations to transfer a large amount of data quickly, including over greater than usual distances, which is optimal for any organization truly looking for the fastest large file transfer solution possible.

Benefits of Secure Accelerated File Transfer

Accelerated file transfer can help move big data, media-rich files, databases, and more, which will save time as well as ensure a safe and secure file transfer. This is an especially critical issue as organizations put more effort into increasing productivity and making international collaboration easier. Some ways in which accelerated file transfer helps:

  • Accelerated file transfer is, simply put, a faster method of transferring files, large or small. In other words, organizations will have the ability to transfer incredibly large data sets without worrying about experiencing a time lag during transfer.

  • Because of the speed at which files are transferred, productivity is increased just by the reduction in time spent waiting for files to be received or sent.

  • Monitoring capabilities and email notifications ensure that files are not lost.

  • International collaboration is made very easy with fast file transfer. Wherever you are in the world, fast file transfer solutions can help complete your organization’s goals.

  • Fast file transfer solutions offer a much more reliable way to transfer large data sets, reducing the frequency of failed transfers. In addition, failed transfers will resume where they left off once continued.

  • Accelerated file transfer solutions are designed to work with big data and have no limits on data size.

What is the Fastest Way to Transfer Files?

Many organizations are looking for the quickest file transfer methods. There are many ways to transfer files quickly, including email, file sharing tools like Dropbox and Google Drive, and specialized online services that can be either free or paid. However, organizations can use purpose-built fast file sharing systems such as FileCatalyst or GoFast, which allows for the transfer of larger-than-usual files at faster than usual rates.


Fast File Transfer Solutions by Fortra

Speed is our specialty. Not only are FileCatalyst and GoFast strong tools for fast file transfer but they specifically act as tools to send large files fast. In addition, our fast file sharing solutions transfer your data reliably with checkpoint restart and integrity checks, industry standard 256-bit AES encryption, broadcast workflow and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution integration as well as integration with web browsers and cloud storage providers. Each of these elements helps create the environment for the quickest file transfers. If just one file out of 100 has changed, there is no need to resend all 100 files. Our accelerated file transfer solutions can detect if this is the case and reduce the amount of data needing transfer as well as the time it takes for that data transfer to execute.

Speed Makes a Difference. Try Our Accelerated File Transfer Solution Today.

Use one of our powerful tools that can manage large volumes of information. Our fast file transfer solutions GoFast and FileCatalyst can help achieve your organizational needs.

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