Integrated with Leading Cloud Providers

The FileCatalyst cloud storage integration for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage directly leverage the APIs provided by Amazon and Microsoft. Unlike competing solutions, FileCatalyst does not use third party tools or drivers to access the object storage. Because of this tight integration, almost every function of FileCatalyst that can be performed on a physical storage medium can be performed on your cloud storage with unparalleled performance. Content is accessed through the entire FileCatalyst client suite; no special tools or scripts are required. cloudjpg Once FileCatalyst is deployed to your cloud VM and connected to your storage, use any of the available client options to facilitate movement of data. Automate the transfer with FileCatalyst HotFolder, provide email distribution with FileCatalyst Workflow, or even build a custom solution with the FileCatalyst SDK.

Unified View of all Storage

The FileCatalyst Server has the ability to define virtual files and virtual folders that point directly at cloud based content. For example, a file or folder hosted in S3 or Azure could be made available to a particular user by creating a virtual file or folder and assigning it to that user.  The user will see all locally stored files and folders as well as those sitting on their cloud storage, any of which can now be downloaded. Files and folders from both realms may be assigned to a group for access or sharing between multiple users. cloud-content