The trip to Vegas to pick up the Emmy® was surreal. Definitely a once in a life-time opportunity.

But, I honestly had just as much fun (maybe more so) a couple weekends ago as we got the entire office (many pictured above) out to celebrate in Ottawa. The Emmy® was a company award, and it needed to be celebrated with all of those who contributed over the years.

To celebrate the award in style, the company rented a banquet hall (at Pine View Golf Course), hired a band to play a couple of sets for us (StittsVillains — fun bunch of guys), and we gathered all employees, co-op students, spouses, and even kids, to come and hang out one evening.

Really, we just got together to celebrate the hard work everyone puts into the daily grind to get the job done.

Nadia and I set up our photo booth at the venue (as we have done often for other events), and results were a blast.


Kudos to Chris Bailey and John Tkaczewski (our co-founders) for organizing. They provided a quick speech with the highlights of the year we’ve had, and then proceeded to thank EVERY SINGLE employee personally, in front everyone (company, kids, spouses, venue staff) for their contributions. All staff were presented with certificates or plaques from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognizing our contribution to the company over the years.

These actions by Chris and John was a very classy touch on their part. It’s also what makes part of the reason working here is so rewarding.