Solaris Promo Production is famously tied to the popular Russian reality television show, Dom 2. In the show, the contestants’ main objective is to construct a house while simultaneously trying to find a partner in the process. Couples then compete for the house itself. Solaris Promo Production additionally works with acclaimed cinema and television producers, top global chefs, and on project implementation both in Russia and abroad.


Originally Dom 2 was filmed within the region of Moscow, but once the show’s popularity grew the filming was relocated to Seychelles, a small and remote country within East Africa. This created a timing and efficiency issue. It became evident that a fast file transfer solution was now a necessity for production to be successful.


To transfer Solaris Promo Production’s media files at an accelerated speed, FileCatalyst’s channel partner MM Communications matched Solaris Promo Production’s with FileCatalyst Direct and the client application, Express. FileCatalyst Direct provides the ability to drive point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps for even the largest files.


Immediately upon implementation, Solaris Promo Production noticed that the production files for Dom 2 were arriving at impressive accelerated speeds. The files were also simple to transfer and with FileCatalyst’s guaranteed media file delivery, Solaris Promo Production felt confident in this fast file transfer solution.

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