MDDX Research and Informatics provide data management services to a large number of clients in the life science industry. Founded by a team of physicians and scientists, MDDX’s mission is to break down the barriers to efficient and cost-effective technology to accelerate life-saving research. MDDX specializes in cardiovascular image transport, de-identification, and repositories. MDDX is based in San Francisco, with offices in Research Triangle Park, Silicon Valley, and Belgrade, Serbia.


MDDX Research and Informatics faced the challenge of transferring all of their biomedical research data. This was a major challenge for MDDX since files of this nature are often extensive in size, and hard to transfer across via FTP. Files of this type also contain highly sensitive patient medical information that must remain secure.

MDDX required a solution that would allow them to send these files to geographically dispersed imaging labs spanning the globe within minutes, while also maintaining security and guaranteeing each file’s delivery.


MDDX chose FileCatalyst Workflow, a web-portal designed to accelerate ingestion and distribution tasks,  to overcome the challenges they faced. FileCatalyst Workflow combines three powerful web-based managed file transfer workflows: submission, distribution, and online folders. Workflow makes transferring files easy and boosts productivity by streamlining submission, distribution, and file sharing workflows on the web.

FileCatalyst Workflow was integrated directly into MDDX’s corporate infrastructure and acted as an online file submission inbox. FileCatalyst Workflow also enabled the company to perform file distribution via email by enabling users to send files of any size to any email address securely.


MDDX Research and Informatics has been able to use FileCatalyst Workflow to transfer large data sets quickly, efficiently, and securely all across the globe. Dan Gebow, Founder of MDDX, said, “Our team has relied on FileCatalyst Workflow to transfer biomedical research data for over four years now. The tool has contributed greatly to the advancement of science by aiding in the collection, and secure transfer, of literally thousands of patients records from hospitals as far away as India and Egypt. The unique features of FileCatalyst Workflow allowed us to move data from internet-restrictive countries such as Qatar and China without issue.”

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