Filmtech Sweden is a content distribution and post-production company involved in the production of feature films, television programs, and commercials. Projects have included the hit TV show “Welcome to Sweden,” the feature film “Cirkeln,” and the documentary “Trevligt Folk.” FilmTech Sweden plays a part in the many different steps of the film production process including grading, editing, sound production, mixing, and mastering.


Today’s feature films have become massive, usually exceeding 100 GB. The challenge has always been to get the finished film to the cinema or broadcaster in the fastest way possible. Traditionally, physical tapes or hard drives were sent by courier to their destination. Filmtech Sweden would place the Digital Cinema Package (DCP), which is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema audio, image, and data streams, onto a physical hard drive and ship it to the end locations.

Once the cinema or broadcaster receives the tape or hard drive, they could show the final product to audiences. Issues arose when they faced problems with their delivery company and unavoidable delays. With a physical shipment method, there may be no way to get a movie to the sold-out cinema in time for its scheduled showing. These types of setbacks can cost Filmtech Sweden and viewers time and money.


To increase their speed of digital content delivery, Filmtech Sweden worked with FileCatalyst to find a solution that could provide a fast, reliable, and cost-effective method of transferring finished content directly to cinemas and broadcasters across Europe. First, a FileCatalyst Direct server was installed in Filmtech Sweden’s headquarters in Stockholm. Then, FileCatalyst HotFolder, a desktop application that allows end-users to create and schedule automated tasks, was installed on several of the cinemas’ machines.

Content is transferred at accelerated speeds using FileCatalyst’s UDP-based accelerated file transfer technology. Now cinemas have the finished film ready for showing in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting days for a physical tape or drive to arrive. The files are secure since the data is sent using industry standard AES encryption, and delivery is guaranteed – even if there is an interruption in the transfer.


The results have been amazing for Filmtech Sweden. Using FileCatalyst’s technology, they have already delivered hundreds of digital files exceeding 150 GB to cinemas in record time. Sending files digitally instead of by courier has also helped Filmtech Sweden realize huge cost savings. Both cinema operators and broadcasters extremely happy with the results, many saying that this is the fastest digital deliveries they have ever seen.

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