driizl is a solution that provides video management and production services in the litigation industry. This new platform uses a cloud approach to handle and manage litigation and deposition media, eliminating the need for physical storage mediums, shipping downtime, and delivery charges. Clips are instantly available for review or playback, and multiple clips and witness accounts can be added to a playlist for presentation playback.

driizl allows users to review, edit, and watch media from anywhere, create multiple user accounts, share documentation and media, as well as provide task tracking features. Accuracy is ensured with intuitive clip creation, transcription pages, and line numbers.


driizl users upload and download a variety of large media files to and from Amazon AWS storage every day. driizl needed to ensure that all of their users can upload and download content as quickly as possible, in a stable manner, every time they use the service. driizl also needed protection against interrupted uploads, allowing the transfer to resume instead of having to re-upload the file.


To address their concern regarding file transfers, driizl integrated FileCatalyst into their platform using the FileCatalyst TransferAgent Web API. FileCatalyst writes data directly to Amazon AWS S3 storage, allowing the data to be streamed directly without caching. With FileCatalyst, file transfer acceleration is achievable regardless of size, file format, or transfer distance, offering speeds of up to up to 10Gbps. Large files uploaded and downloaded via FileCatalyst are transferred exponentially faster than traditional FTP based file transfer solutions.

Since the FileCatalyst TransferAgent User Interface (UI) is fully customizable and can be controlled using the provided JavaScript API, all transfer functions can be called from driizl’s pages inside the UI. This was an essential requirement for driizl, as they required a solution that could be easily adapted to their established look and feel, providing the user with a unified experience.


Since integrating FileCatalyst into the driizl platform, they have had fast, stable, and reliable upload capabilities with every transfer performed. FileCatalyst’s ability to tightly integrate with the platform allowed driizl to create a full integration that maintains driizl’s a consistent look and feel across every stage of the workflow.

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