Capsule Media specializes in professional storage, processing, and the delivery of digital assets. For more than 30 years, Capsule Media’s team of digital media experts have provided professional video editing, transfer, conversion, and archiving services to the film, television, and advertising industries.

Whether it’s large-scale archival digitization, custom encoding, described video, closed captioning, or anything else video related, Capsule Media can tailor a custom solution for your needs. Capsule Media also provides custom developed and configured SaaS and PaaS solutions which automate a variety of the services offered through CapsulePRO and other online tools.


Capsule Media has two flagship solutions in use: CapsulePRO and CapsulePod. Through CapsulePRO, clients can upload data for automated processing tasks such as transcoding or format conversion. Clients can also archive and restore their files for later processing and distribution. CapsulePods are pre-configured systems that are deployed into a studio, or remote location, and leverage the features included with CapsulePRO.

Many of Capsule Media’s clients have assets that include television series episodes, camera data, metadata and more. These files are very large, reaching 100GB per file or greater. Standard TCP and FTP file transfers are slow and unreliable when moving content this large. Third-party cloud solutions usually have file size and transfer limitations, and other high-speed transfer solutions are constrained either in speed or integration capabilities. When working with such large files, it’s essential for Capsule Media to be able to move 1TB worth of data at blazing speeds for processing, archival or delivery.


Capsule Media decided to deploy FileCatalyst’s flagship solution FileCatalyst Direct, a suite of server and client applications that accelerates point-to-point file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, to solve the challenges they faced when moving large media files. FileCatalyst Direct provides accelerated file transfer technology that can move massive files of any format to and from CapsulePRO quickly and reliably.

The CapsulePods leverage FileCatalyst HotFolder, which is easily integrated into an existing network. This provides an easy way to initiate data transfers to and from  CapsulePRO. CapsulePods have the same capabilities as CapsulePRO for processing, storing and delivering data. Using FileCatalyst HotFolder, transfers can be initiated right from a user’s desktop by simply dragging and dropping content into the folders being monitored.


Since leveraging FileCatalyst, CapsuleRPO users have gained the ability to utilize line speed and exponentially accelerate upload and download speeds, streamlining and maximizing the efficiency of their workflows. Additionally, FileCatalyst’s byte-by-byte MD5 checksum feature adds an extra level of security and ensures that files maintain their integrity.

Corby Simpson, when speaking on the FileCatalyst solution, said, “We provide very powerful tools for our clients and it’s not efficient to develop all of the solutions ourselves from the ground up. It’s reassuring to have a partner like FileCatalyst who not only offer a great product, but also provide great service and support. This allows us to focus our energies on expanding new and exciting features, and servicing our clients.”

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