On Aug 15, 2014 BBC published the following article: Alphasat: ‘Space A380’ switches on ‘brain’

“Alphasat will be used by broadcasters such as the BBC, shipping operators, the oil industry, the military, and anyone else working away from traditional terrestrial communications networks.”

We already have a number of clients that use FileCatalyst on the Inmarsat satellite links.

There are 2 good reasons why the users of the new Alphasat should also consider deploying FileCatalyst:

  1. It’s a satellite and the latency of the network will considerably slow down any TCP connections. To add to this problem Alphasat is on geo-stationary orbit which puts it even further away from earth and increases the latency. Performance increase could be as much as 10 fold if FileCatalyst is used instead of regular old FTP.
  2. Any satellite transmission going through cloud/rain/snow will experience pocket loss. Once again standrd TCP netowrks can only cope with a small percentage of pocket loss about 2-5%. It’s not uncommon with satellite tranmisison to have a loss of upto 25%. FileCatalyst protocol is able to cope with this type of poor connectivity and will continue to deliver files even when the signal is coming from the orbit!

If you are planning to use the new “super satellite” fee free to check out a free demo of our software.