Why Enterprise MFT Solutions are a Good Choice for Fast File Transfers

Businesses, especially large, growing, and enterprise-level ones, can certainly appreciate the benefits of streamlining and securing how their business-critical, sensitive data is transferred. After all, if not utilizing a secure, fast file transfer solution, this process can be ripe for human error, cybersecurity breaches, inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency. All these risks can create a ripple effect in fast-moving, ever-changing enterprise environments.

If your organization regularly needs to send large files quickly then you need solutions that offer more capabilities than standard file transfer options can deliver. You should be evaluating vendors that can deliver accelerated file transfer, advanced security, and reliability to ensure the data that comprises your organization’s lifeblood gets to its destination at incomparable speed, unaltered, and reliably.

Why Choose an Enterprise Solution for Fast File Transfers?

First, for organizations seeking fast file transfer, including those sending large, growing files for broadcast media, live sports, gaming, nothing beats an enterprise-level accelerated file transfer solution. Enterprise-level file sharing software stands above popular file sharing options like Google Drive or Dropbox in terms of security, control, and reliability.

While those free services may be popular, familiar, and user-friendly, the risks to enterprises that their data isn’t transferred completely, securely, or corruption-free is just too high. In addition, the size restrictions of these services are limiting for extreme file transfers or when needing to transfer files from far distances reliably.

Look for a fast file transfer solution that can secure your files in transit, and at rest, with the latest encryption standards. Some solutions for the enterprise also include intrusion detection and IP tilters for an extra layer of security.

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Benefits of an Enterprise File Sharing Solution

Enterprise organizations exchange thousands of data files each day, often with far-flung offices needing a compatible way to exchange information. Ask yourself a few questions to confirm you’re in need of an enterprise-level file transfer solutions:

  • Do you need to send files fast?
  • Do you need to send super-sized files?
  • Are you still using traditional methods to send data?
  • Does your file transfer activity need reporting and transparency?
  • Do you exchange data with trading partners in the cloud?
  • Are your current processes adaptable to changing network conditions?

The answers to these questions should quickly provide the clarity you need to start seeking out a file exchange solution that can rise to the occasions enterprises face daily.

Enterprise Fast File Transfer Can Improve Productivity

Better, faster, and with less risk of human error, is always the goal. An accelerated enterprise-capable file transfer solution can help achieve that. Organizations count on workflows and business processes across the enterprise to move seamlessly and rapidly to stay ahead of the competition.

Without a fast file transfer process in place, bottlenecks in efficiencies can quickly occur and multiply. Solutions such as FTP, SFTP, and TFPT all have their uses. But when it comes to delivering file transfers at the speed and level of reliability enterprises need, IT teams need to put an accelerated file transfer solution in place.

File transfer acceleration solutions transfer data using custom protocols, often built on top of UDP versus more traditional TCP methods to reduced delays. Data is transmitted at precise rates for increased reliability.

Fortra’s FileCatalyst Accelerated File Transfer’s proprietary UDP (User Datagram Protocol)-based protocol sends files hundreds of times faster than traditional FTP solutions at speed that exceeds 10 Gbps. Plus, it provides immunity to latency and packet loss on networks. FileCatalyst utilizes aspects of TFTP and FTP, and can send many blocks of data simultaneously to maximize bandwidth. It compresses files on the fly by streamlining compression and decompression processes before and after a file has been transmitted.

Enterprises Need Remote Workflow Capabilities

Today, more than ever enterprises count on work processes being accessible no matter where employees are located. An enterprise solution like FileCatalyst lets your teams connect even as your transferred data is changing, which allows you organization more flexibility and increases workflow efficiency.

With FileCatalyst, users can even send only portions of a file that has changed, reducing transfer sizes by up to 90% and improving collaboration across the organization.

Set Your Enterprise Up for Fast File Transfer Success

FileCatalyst speeds file transfers reliably and securely with a user-friendly platform your enterprise can deploy on-premises or via the Cloud. Simplify and accelerate your file transfers and level-up to an enterprise-worth file transfer solution. See how FileCatalyst can meet and exceed your data exchange needs with a demo today.

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