Slowly the economies will start to reopen, one by one, and while this process will not be as simple as turning on a switch, it will, once again, alter your digital workflows. It’s important to recognize that this rollercoaster of new regulations will impact how you continue your internal and external efforts. While we are optimistic that this pandemic will slow down, the research also suggests that there could be a second wave of Covid-19, which in return will shift your plans. 

Hopefully what we can absorb from the initial shock of this pandemic is that:  

We must be prepared and flexible…
The governments release updates on a daily basis to keep the public informed. It is our job to take these changes in stride and educate ourselves on new regulations and their potential impact on our businesses. Yes, unfortunately, this pandemic came along and swept the ground from beneath many companies, but this served as a crucial lesson to us all. We must have in place fluid digital workflows. That way if another situation comes along, your company is prepared at the forefront, with remote tactics in place that will assist you with continuous growth and stability.

We must research new tactics to assist us…

No matter the industry you are in, there are many remote solutions available to assist you now and in the future. It can be difficult to get started and it can easily get overwhelming with various remote solutions flying at you from every direction. It’s useful to take a step back and thoroughly analyze the issues you have already come to face during this pandemic. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions a fast file transfer solution may be a key tactic to consider.  

  • Is my line speed faster than 10 Mbps (i.e. faster than Cable/DSL)?
  • Is above average latency present (i.e. transfers between countries or overseas)?
  • Is my network fragile and prone to packet loss (i.e. a satellite or wireless connection)?
  • Do I need to regularly send large files or data sets?
  • Do I need to collaborate with vendors, suppliers and/or colleagues?

If the questions above have piqued your interest in accelerated file transferring tools, FlowersTV has several great reasons why solutions like FileCatalyst can transform your remote workflows. In their case, transferring digital files globally is a necessity and without a fast file transferring solution this task is drawn out, unreliable and stressful. They also have to balance a combination of various digital workflows, which means the ability to schedule file transfers benefits them greatly. FileCatalyst Direct is the solution that changed how FlowersTV approached working remotely. You can discover the full story here:     

We must seek new opportunities… 

While the economies will undoubtedly reopen, reality as we know it has now shifted. What may have once been done in person must now be broken down virtually to reach the target audiences. Remote workflows including file sharing, digital editing, and collaboration will become much more frequent. These unpredictable times will require organizations to turn to collaboration software, lesson plans and documentation to convey their messaging. Being able to keep up with these transitions will greatly benefit your business. With a growing amount of new content, you may accumulate large files that need to be transferred quickly in order to keep up with your competitors. Ensure your company doesn’t fall behind in these situations, allow yourself to have the capabilities to master these new virtual opportunities. Find solutions that will successfully elevate your business.     

These are confusing times for all businesses. The messaging thrown at you from various sources will change many times over, but it’s important to remember if you educate yourself on the information coming down the pipeline you will understand what your company needs to thrive. The reopening of the economy can impact businesses in many different ways, but overall it is a much more positive situation than what we have had to endure a couple of months ago.